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    Dear Santa,

    Thank you for this season and for your presence that lit up our Christmas spirit.
    I am grateful to have landed here in Insanity flyff. I met my soul mate and people I consider family in this wonderful world i thought i saw in my childhood.
    Permit, Guide, and Protect me.
    I hope this home will prosper more, have good harmony, and i wish for 2 Shiba Inu pets so one has playmate.
    Thanks for the chance, Dear Santa.
    Merry Christmas.

    Love, yojra


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      Dear Santa,

      Cheshire Cat Set (F) pls
      IGN: Susej

      leave them under my christmas tree

      PS: HD pls pls pls

      happy holidays uWu RAWR XD
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        Dear Santa
        Happy holidays and Merry Christmas, I wish for Alpine Hunter fash F & Alpine hunter Wings Also Alpine hunter bow c: <3 Thank you
        IGN: Epnell


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          Dear Santa,

          I've been a nice boy this year so as a reward, I'd like to have Nyan Cat Set + Nyan cat cloak

          IGN: Thoth


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            Dear Santa,

            I would really like to have some roulette spins, maybe 40 or so. If I get that, I might also need to go to an addict meeting, since I love using the spins. Do you have a suggestion of a place I could go for that meeting? If I cannot get the spins, the Alpine Hunter Stick works too.

            Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays



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              Dear Santa,

              I havent been the bestest of bois this year but Im trying my best to make up for it by giving my most wonderful seraph buffs.
              For Christmas I would like a couple of Big Beefy UAS Boxes to feed my awakening addiction.

              Yours truly, Mr Chiikun

              (P.S. The milk and cookies will be hidden on top of the mantelpiece on the chimney else the cat will eat em)


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                Thank you all for your Letters to Santa. We will make sure that Santa sees these.

                Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.