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    Dear Santa,

    I would like you have a Happy Christmas, I want to 1000 Token Of Bravery Box and 100 Token Of Bravery Box(because I have no time to play this).
    I hope you are good and happy days and I would like to celebrate Christmas for everybody.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Santa.

    Thank you. SYJSINGER


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      Dear Hells Santa -

      I am a returning player. I always wanted a Libras and Taurus Zodiac Jewel Set and/or Titan for my Seraph before I take my hiatus. I stumbled upon this medium as I am prepping for my big return. I will use the items to venture in the vast world of the server and help players along the process.

      Regardless if it will be granted or not, I really do hope that you will have a prosperous holidays ahead!
      Regards to all the staff and players. More support for you and your team!~

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      SetaKouji | 300 | Seraph


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        Dear santa,
        If i have to be honest i don't want anything material for this christmas. But if you remember i was a GM before... Work that i really loved back then.
        Only the staf knows the reason why i quitted the job, my pc was a dinosaur, which ended up making me Dc meanwhile i was doing events or supporting players, also my keyboard broke and i was really dissapointed cause i became to be the most active gm to being the less productive... This was a really bad position to me , i was embarrassed and i had to quit Gm job and the game in general.
        Actually i have a decent pc and for this Christmas i would like to have the opportunity to be a part of the staff team again !
        Thanks for reading and merry christmas ♥


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          Dear Santa,
          first of all, what was wrong with you last year? You did not even touched your henney and the steak
          I hope you will this year.. its a Tennessee red fire this year.
          Anyways, to be honest i would like to get a Celestial Slayer Set and a second Siut, 2 Divine Axes and 2 Divine Swords aswell, hp swap u now..
          Then a few stacks (maybe 100) UAs and some URARS (Maybe 1k) is what i need to get a sick SLAYER!!
          So I know this i much Santa BUT I had to buy my Girlfriend this Valentino bag because she´s a bit extra..

          So at least i wish blessing for all the illness in this world, i guess this will be harder then my gifts, GOOD LUCK SANTA !

          I wish everyone who´s reading this nice and sweet holidays!
          Special thanks to the Insanity-Team for doing events like this <3


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            Dear Santa,

            My name is MadMoo but you know that already,
            I love cookies and Christmas it's my favourite time,

            I can't think of a rhyme and my hands get all sweaty,
            I'm sure you'll forgive me so this will be fine,

            I came back to the Game about two days ago,
            I feel so much Nostalgia i almost cant handle it,

            I look out the Window there is so much snow,
            I like writing this i dont want to quit,

            This is my Christmas Poem and i hope you all like it,
            Some Perin would be nice but that does not matter,

            I wish you all a Merry Christmas and i hope you stay fit,
            Its the time of the year where we all will get fatter,

            I'm out of Rhymes im sorry to say this,
            Have a wonderful Christmas here is a Kiss.

            Thank you for reading this, have a great 2020 and stay healthy.


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              Dear Santa,

              cant believe its almost christmas... time flies when youre getting old, cant say that about my grandpa hes coming to christmas dinner every year with a new chick!
              At least he says it all the time but its grandma... alzheimer is making him feel young xD. My wish list is small but big in effectivity. 1k UAS, A Divine Sorcerer Staff and Sorcerer Set of the Celestials (F).

              Merry Christmas <3


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                Dear Santa:

                Hello Santa, it's been far too long. I wish I could give you a gift for Christmas too so you get a gift too instead of you just giving gifts while nobody gives you a gift. If I would make a request, I would want a Celestial Sorcerer Set (F), a Divine Staff and a Divine Arca Shield please. I quit before but I'm back now and my stay here was fun. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

                Yours sincerely: Omegamon(my in-game name).
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                  Dear Santa. In this year it has been very difficult, the sales have been bad and I can no longer support my family, I only ask you to help me buying everything from my store to be able to take support to my family. I hope this year 2020 is better than this year that is already ending soon. Sincerely, VendES


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                    Dear Santa,

                    I wish for a merry christmas for all, i hope you are having a good time
                    For my wishes, i wish for the death dragon mount, the Celestial Sorcerer Set (F), complete Libras Set, Trinium Dragon Set (F) and I wish for you to be happy.
                    Merry Christmas Santa <3
                    Edit: ign: Kiyeia
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                      Dear Santa,
                      Hello Santa, all I want for christmas is a deadshot set M with a complete trinium set M and F and also a conqueror lord cloak....If santa is really is kind then I also want a celestial sniper set M.

                      Thank you santa, Hope christmas is good today..Have a nice day

                      -Ign: xkanekix


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                        Dear Santa,

                        This is my wish list for this Christmas:

                        -Trinium Set M
                        -50 Land Card X
                        -Divine Angelic Stick
                        -50k Blue Chip
                        -Taurus Set M
                        -1k Pocket Pang
                        -Angelic Set of the Celestials
                        -99 Life Runes
                        -Stated 200IP Set
                        -Minato Arisato Set M

                        This is all that I want.

                        IGN: Manato


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                          Dear Santa,
                          Kono Giorno Giovanna , Yume ga aru. And as a good jojo i want a Sniper Set of the Celestials(m) , please. And i possible i want to add a Divine Sniper Bow.That's All :D
                          Ign : casmaniac
                          Giorno Giovanna.


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                            hello santa and happy Christmas
                            PLEASEE i wish for archmage helmet (i will pay you if need)
                            im lookin for it 2 days and cant find anyone who sell itttt
                            ty :D


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                              Dear Santa,

                              It's been awhile, how have you been?
                              I've been doing alright and I hope you have too.

                              I don't want to ask for a lot this Christmas because I know you will be busy. I would like to ask for 2 Cheshire Cat Sets (F), one for myself and one for my friend. I would also like to ask for one Halloween Kitten Set (F).

                              Lastly I wish you a Merry Christmas.

                              Kind regards,



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                                Dear santa,
                                My name is Lilina, i started this server one week ago and everything is a bit expensive but i'm trying hard ! I was a good boy all during the year so here is my wish for Christmas because i think i deserve it 0:)
                                Archmage pve Cloak.
                                Sorry for my bad english i'am a french guy :)
                                Thanks a lot !

                                IGN : Lilina