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  • Letters for Santa

    It is that time of year again, where people write letters for Santa with things that they would like for Christmas. Here at Insanity flyff, we are doing something similar to that.

    We are asking that you write your letter to Santa for what you would like in Insanity flyff. Remember, it is a letter so do not just say 'I want <insert list>' and that be all.
    On Christmas Day, Hells will randomly select a winner.

    Keep in mind the limits of your 'wish list', things like spawned awakes will not be considered.
    Do not create multiple forum accounts to improve your chances at winning.

    Happy Holidays from the Insanity flyff Staff

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    Dear Santa,

    It feels like Papa doesn't care about me anymore. Christmas wont be the same because he is too preoccupied with work. I just wish he would give me and my family some attention. He keeps mentioning something about it has to be done, he has been working on it for 6 years, and that its the only thing that'll make us whole again. But we still love papa. Even though hes never taken the time to care about us. I just wish for this Christmas, he would do something with us instead of his job. I can't stress how our family is slowly falling apart, it has been for awhile. I just want Christmas joy to be spread at least one last time. I want us to have some attention too.

    Insanity flyff Community
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      Dear Santa,

      I would like to say hello to you and your family, hope everything going well right there, I wish something for Christmas like good gear to improve my Arcanist and keep enjoying the game . Like a celestial set, I don’t ask for perin I can get it in events, farm and selling stuff but a good set is important for me so I can starting building my dream Arcanist for Colo, Cryp, and SR . I hope for it, and one day will be come true. Thank you Santa and I hope you have a blessed day beside all your family and close friends.

      Happy Holidays for al the Insanity Members.
      And happy holidays to everyone who reads this.

      Pd. My name in-game is: KaorfG

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    Dear Santa,

    do yu hafe spare sleyer item plz


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      Dear Hells Santa,

      I want something for Christmas and I was kinda like if you give me a perin. Like I want 100k perin so i can starting building my dream Forcemaster. I hope for it one day will be come true. Thank you Hells Santa and I hope you have a blessed day ahead <3


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        1k uas please! Santa! Im doing good this Christmas. Lets prepare for the coming of our Lord!
        IGN Z1PP


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          Dear Santa,

          Its the time of the year again, where everyone should be happy, a lot of giving celebrations, moments of joys and laughter and especially the time of love. But before it all happens everyone is busy fighting, farming and the all for us to make to the top, its not easy, all about perseverance and struggles, but look at us, where still here fighting for the one we wanted so much, are you not proud of us? so this year is another special event. And what differs this years from the other years? its because you our dear Santa giving and fulfilling one of our many dreams, thats why everybody is excited, say not all of us has the same desire, and not all of us well be awarded, but still dreaming is the only free in this world, so let me dream of a celestial slayer set with weapons haha, if lucky enough this dream would come true hahaha. nevertheless lets enjoy and celebrate this wonderful time of the year.

          Merry Christmas Santa. and Happy Holidays to everyone.



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            Dear Santa,

            1st of all Merry Christmas. Im PenoyBalutVendor from insanity flyff "Insanian's" im happy that i play this game coz theres a lot of fun here and i wish that i could have divine weapon for Slayer and celestial set and also 1k UAS :) . bec i cant afford to buy this item :( coz im poor ... if i could have this item i will be more than happy and it will help me a lot ingame ... ive been dreaming for this item since i started to play and it will be the greatest gift to be if you can give me this :)

            again Merry Christmas Santa. and Happy Holidays to everyone.

            your Biggest Fan


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              Dear Santa,

              A long-time player here, albeit on and off for the past 2-3 years. I remember the time where I still have friends to play this game. Now they're all gone, only OldTimer remains on my friend list. Time flies so fast. Now I already graduated from university and part of the working society, I came back to the game to unwind. I currently enjoy the game, with the new pve stuffs and new goals. I remember when it would take a month or two, and a bit of IP donation, to get trinium weapons, now we have celestials. I was flabbergasted when I did cove after I came back this year. The map is new and it's refreshing to look at, and I love the new mush boss (damn you stun and spawn little mushrooms). Colosseum is great because I can now farm fast the trinium weapons that I dreamt so much. I'm glad that I have work now since that means I can donate and have IP. I was really glad last month when I made my first purchase to have trin cs set and mega pets, but alas, life is not all about fun and games. That's why I can't afford all the things I want in the game. It would be nice if Santa can give me Insane IA/PVE Celestial Arcanist set or celestial FM set or celestial slayer set (an insane adoch each piece or a normal set would do Santa), that would really make my year more wonderful than it is now. Just that and I think I can just grind the new divine weapons. And if you're gonna permit it Santa, a few thousand UAS too and some URAR but if my wishlist is over the limit then some UAS will do Santa :) . I love grinding Santa, but sometimes in the middle of the night, I would question the existence of myself, so I would be really glad if my wish came true.

              Warmest wishes,
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                Dear Santa

                How is going this year? Hope everything is fine.
                In this year I don't need anything just for myself,
                but i would like to get 3 Jin Set's (m) so i can share them with my friends,
                also i would like to get 3 Bunny Mantle Cloaks so we can stay warm this winter.


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                  Dear Santa,

                  I had a Dream last night. I saw a lot of evil monsters in my hometown in insanity flyff. There was a huge white, ice dragon and a strange monster which was full of ice, too. It was very frightening...
                  Nice Santa...please...give me a chance to save my family and the rest of the people of insanity flyff and send me a devine bow and a celestial sniper set for the fight against the evil. So we will have a beautiful and peaceful christmas!

                  Your little friend "daerdevilcs2" :)
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                    Dear Santa

                    I know you're a busy.
                    and this year is my first christmas celebrate (because here we don't celebrate christmas).
                    so in my first celebrate im going simple.
                    i want divine arca set please and thank you
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                      Oi Papai Noel um feliz natal!
                      esse ano foi um bom menino ,queria te pedi algo .
                      queria q tivesse mas roupas e equipamentos trasmutar CS no site .
                      queria q melhorasse a classe Yo-Yo q é muito maneiro.
                      um Feliz Natal pra todos .


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                        Dear Santa, Can you make the Chinese language pack for this game? I hope I can type Chinese So I can easily chat with my friends in the game. And I was waiting for getting more IP coins on Black Friday, however, the game didn't have this option for this time. so many players, live in Taiwan and Hong Kong, love this game and I hope the game can be improved better.


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                          Dear Santa

                          I hope you and your loved ones are well and safe
                          I wish for this christmas a celestial arca set and celestial staff if it's not too much uwu, I'm currently a student so I don't have much time or money to buy it

                          Happy Holidays


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                            Dear Santa I hope you are having a great time , I want like a Trinium Dragon Set (F), I add I be have well,

                            Merry Christmas Santa. and Happy Holidays to everyone.

                            Warmest wishes, ZofyaClare
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