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    Dear Santa

    it is a season of love for both boys and girls, families, for everyone including those who work especially those in the states. happy happy merry christmas to all especially to the insanity staff and dev team especially to my beloved VF family ^^ i only have one wish for this incoming christmas to be able to enjoy my time with my friends without any disturbance ^^ ty merry christmas everyone.


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      Dear Hells Santa
      First of all , i want to greet you and the whole team of insanity flyff with a merry christmas and wish you a well health , i started playing this game again a couple of weeks ago i tried to play diffirent flyff server like official SEA SERVER, private servers but no one can defeat or reach INSANITY flyff bcoz of its content. im glad that i have enough time to play insanityflyff , my only wish this christmas is to have a arcanist gear including weapon and shield / trinium dragon set so i can start farming perin and help other newbie for their needs. I hope you read my letter and wish all the best of you all and all the senders THANKS!
      Love - Rhyle


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        Dear Santa,

        Hi! First of all, I want to thank the whole Insanity flyff team for building up this awesome community, everyone did their job well. For the past 5 years, I've enjoyed the time I spent playing Insanity flyff and gave the opportunity to become a GM. Through ups and downs, this game really comforts me on my studies and my personal life. Thankfully, I've achieved my goals as I will graduate from college 2 days from now. It has been a long journey of struggle in college but this game never left my side and I am really proud that I've been a part of your community for so long..

        I know most players know me for a long time, Btw, My real name is Vard, and I've been through many IGNs but my famous ones are Yazmat, Donaitachi and GM Euphemii :). I had alot of friends that are still playing and I'm really proud on what they achieved in this game. Due to some real life issues, I stopped playing this game for awhile cuz I had fix everything for my family and my studies. When I came back, there was a big changes that added on this game and It's difficult for me to cope up because I'm far behind on my progress. As you know Santa, I never donate because it is more important to spend my money on my personal needs than on my personal wants. So I only do buy and sell and farming to achieved good gear. Luckily, I've met some friends that help and support me by lending me perins and items that really and help me get back into the game.

        As of today, I've made good improvements and I'm almost done on my gear that it needs more changes. Hopefully Santa, All I request is any amount of UAS or I-Points that I can use to earn more perins to be able to buy missing parts on my gear. I know its more wiser to do more awakes but also depressing if got nothing good which happens to me all the time xD. I just give a try to join this event and I hope you read my request. After All, I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year for the Insanity flyff team! I hope this community will last long and goodluck for the release on HD!

        Thank You, Santa!

        IGN: Yazmat


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          Dear Santa,

          My name is Oldek, Santa

          This year has passed very quickly, a lot has happened in my life a good things and those also bad. I did not wrote to you 20 years since i was a little kid, yes i know. We grow up so fast and with an age we belive in You a little less.
          I have been very tired these days, but Christmas is coming and in that time we should spend this time of year with a family, together smiling, laughing at each other.
          As an adult I am writing to you, and I remember the time of a child who was waiting under the Christmas tree for gifts brought by you. I had to be polite all year, sing a song next to tree. It was fun, i miss for those days, when we no need goes to work, we spend a lot much time outside home, had more active friends and everything around was new for us, cerious, funny. All world was only for us.
          There's a lot going on in the world, people are at war with each other,they don't want to talk about important matters, many people lose their homes because of their actions and even all families. I'm not asking you about much.I wish the wars were over even those political, let people start helping each other, let them spend the holidays with their families together and let the world improve for the better.
          Do you feel this Christmas, Santa? Certainly yes, they wouldn't be without you :)
          Oh, and if you could this year give a gift from you for my son small Star, he start playing in flyff some time ago and i see in his eyes how he love this game, those people around him, this world even me bring memories about being a child. Could you present him something what he will like, need actualy?
          I'm sure that you will know what exactly he needs. Thank You Santa
          Let all children be polite this year, maybe they deserve a gift from you.

          Take Care, Santa


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            Dear Santa,
            How are you?Hope you're doing great this year even if we are having ups and down in our daily lives. I'm actually writing this letter to have some wish this Christmas. And I'm having a little difficulties of what I really want to get. Should I wish for myself or for other people? Coz I really really want to have a high end gear for my slayer, but Christmas is for all people and I want all our player to get something this year. So I decided to wish a FREE SPIN for all player this coming Christmas.

            Have a great Christmas and thank you!


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              Im not asking much but i came to conclusion that if we get x4IP that we'll be able to keep making dreams happen for a lot of future players or simply help others in game for those who dont donate to get their desire item and keep the games excitement tradition going beyond it's lifetime since being created. We love Insanity flyff and we ask nothing more but for a Win - Win Situation to keep all of us happy. :D Much love from your kids, we've been good this year and we also made sure to put cookies and milk by the tree for your visit. We're looking forwward to x4IP :D THANK YOU! - PQ201


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                Dear Santa,

                Mah nem is Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez and I've been a good good boi.
                Now the important part. Pa perin po. 69420kp to be more precise.
                Ty ty xo xo.

                With love,
                Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez


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                  Dear Santa Hells,

                  Thank you for thinking about us as a broader family, its the perfect time to reflect on the past year, remember all our mistakes, cherish the joyfull moments, make our future plans concrete and spread good fortune to everyone around.

                  My Christmas wish is an insane adoch celestial assasin set with insane adoch yoyo i had already managed to buy two insane adoch celestial assaissin parts but had to re-sell them from not having enough resources to finish it .
                  I love harlequin, it was my first char i played for 2 years and it has been in my mind for a long time to make it endgame. I had to focus on pve fm and slayer, because of their better scaling and dps and im still working on finishing those.
                  Never had enough funds to upgrade my yoyo user, therefore im writting you to fulfill my long desired wish and actualize it.

                  Edit:i forgot about awakes, please add atleast 20k ip or 4k uas for awakes, also if a insane adoch set and yoyo isnt posible a clean set, clean yoyo and 500urar should do it . Im positive i can fund the rest of it (trins+leos+pets).
                  Best of love and happy Xmas,

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                    Dear Santa,

                    I would like to have a 3x (38-40+ %) IA awake in any of my gear so i can show to other players that there's a chance getting this type of awake.



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                      Dear Santa,
                      Hii! i'm an old player of Insanity flyff since before wiped out so this time :D i just want only EndGears(Decent or Semi-pro or upraded only) for my cs and slay have a Very Nice Day to all of the Players and Staff

                      - Ign: Quartz / CheeseCakeee

                      or Dm me @Discord- Quartz#2547
                      Last edited by kaiser; 10th-December-2019, 10:25.


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                        Dear santa,

                        first of all i would like to say merry xmas to everyone,and i hope we would be happy as always and im wishing that insanity server will long last since this is the best server i've ever played, and ummm im wishing for a celestial seraph set for my dearest seraph and i could do the best for the xmas event farming xD, aight that's a joke
                        all i wish is this server will be longlast,and umm if you want to send the celes seraph as a xmas gift,ill accept it anyway :p
                        and happy holiday to everyone, cheers from Bali <3


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                          Dear Santa,

                          Before everything, Merry Christmas to all! To you and everyone who's reading this letter. It's that time of the year again, weather is getting colder, christmas decoration competitions to find out who's the alpha of the street xd, caroling, and etc. There's a lot of things that comes with christmas but the most important things are giving and spreading christmas cheer. So with that said i wish everyone a happy holiday, good health and i hope you have a great time with your family. I know that you (santa) will bring happiness and joy to a lot of people this christmas. Please continue granting wishes and making the world a better place when it's christmas xd. That's all Santa thank you! ❣️?

                          with love
                          (Celestial Arca Set)


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                            Dear Santa,

                            Never forget the good things I did this year. Gonna tell you that I deserve what I ask of you. Give me a Celestial Slayer Set [F] or a Divine Sorcerer Shield. You will not regret giving me this gift. Up on the item mall, this is the only item I want. Never have I ever cheated. Gonna follow all rules and guidelines. Let me prove myself to you. You will know I have been a good gamer this year. Down to the dot I know I followed all the rules.
                            • Never have I stolen any drops from anyone.
                            • Gonna report all the bugs I see.
                            • Run the games as the developers intended.
                            • Around the server I give respect to players.
                            • And I have never begged any equips from anyone.
                            • "Desert insanity flyff" is the thing I will never do.
                            • You can rely on me on purchasing IP for you.
                            • Never going to attempt to scam anyone.
                            • Gonna report the cheaters.
                            • Make it a pleasant place for all the players
                            • You can rely on me in helping new players.
                            • Cry for buffs is what my seraph will answer.
                            • Never gonna impersonate any GMs.
                            • Gonna report to the party my location during boss hunt.
                            • Say things appropriate for everyone.
                            • "Goodbye" is what I say every time I logged out.
                            • Never will I talk trash about insanity flyff.
                            • Gonna give my best effort to contribute to this community.
                            • Tell people how great this server is.
                            • A lot of effort I have put in farming perins in this game.
                            • "Lie" is not in my vocabulary
                            • And I have never spammed in chats.
                            • Hurt the players in this server is what I'll never do.
                            • You can join me in my boss hunts too.

                            Read the first words on every sentence
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                              Dear Santa

                              Wheres my pony? Been waiting for years but your always to bizzy.



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                                Dear Santa,

                                Thank you for all the events the past few months. I farmed the Halloween event for eggs. I hunted pocket pangs and brains and bananas. I appreciated all of them.

                                If I could get one thing for Christmas it would be this:

                                2 Snow Hunter Gnar pets. My partner wants one really bad and I would love to surprise him with one.

                                I hope you and Mrs. Clause have a magical Christmas!

                                Thank you Santa,

                                IGN: GoodKitty

                                I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.~ Maya Angelou