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  • Returning Player ~

    Heya everyone, I'm jumping back into FlyFF after a couple years break. First time I played FlyFF was on official waay back in 2009 (Keeping in mind I was 9 at the time, I had to get my father to let me use his email so I could register heu). I leveled up to around 60 and that's when the post 60 grind killed my lil 9 yr/o head so I quit official and soon after found out about pservers. I started on a couple that died back around before Monster FlyFF died.
    Ended up getting into the mix with a crew that was attempting to start a mid/high rates server when I modded the forums for one of the earlier servers. Ended up following their staff forum modding then I ended up helping the lead dev Marvin, GM on the last attempt of the server. Never really caught off as we didn't have the staff to make content or compete with the other servers (Ended up doing some searching and he now runs a popular German server...). After that I played around on a few pservers, insanity included in them (It probably leaving the biggest mark on me because of its highly active forums at the time) then quit FlyFF (Was around 12 or 13 yr/o at this point). Decided to pick FlyFF back up over Christmas holiday for some good ol' nostalgia and fun.

    I've started a blade as my main (Normally I run Knight), currently lv 300 with full bc gear. Still working on optimizing my gear and then leveling up a seraph but feel free to add me/pm me any time. My blade's IGN is 'iScarecrow' (Caps sensitive). I've started a guild also if anyone's interested. Guild's name is [Astrology] we're an English speaking guild.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction post and about my history with FlyFF, I hope to meet some wonderful people in game and around the forums!

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    WELCOME BACK!! I for one am glad that your are back on insanity! Im always in flaris, if you see me around, need help or just want to say hey !
    Guild: Reverie | IGN:Yami
    DISCORD: HankTheTank2o3#5032


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      Hi! Welcome Back! This time, stay. And I mean, stay for good. :)


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        Hey nice to see u back :) make insanity grow with us together

        IGN: grinchhill


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          Thanks everyone for the welcomes! Just finished my guild's recruitment thread, if anyone's interested feel free to check it out here.