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  • [Astrology] Recruitment Thread!

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Astrology's guild recruitment thread. Thank you for your interest in our community, read on to find tons of fun starbits about our guild and members as well as what we'd like to achieve.

    About us

    We're a newly formed English speaking guild that was created with the purpose to have a strong English backbone'd guild for new players to feel welcome to join and have a community within Insanity's to chat'n'play with to make our member's gaming experiences more enjoyable as well as provide an enhanced learning environment with experienced players backing it for new players to get immersed in.


    As a member of Astrology you are expected to adhere to our standards and code of conduct as well as Insanity's code of conduct and ToS. The breaching of these expectations may result in administrative action being taken accordingly.
    -No hacking of any kind is allowed of our members, on Insanity or any other flyff/game servers.

    -Members are to be well-mannered and polite when speaking for or representing the guild.
    (This includes but is not limited to Siege & Faction battles)

    -Astrology has an activity standard. This means that members are required to log into the game at least once a week minimum unless they've notified the guild lead/gens of *reason(s)* for your absence.
    (Failure to remain active may result in your spot being taken by another player)

    -As we're an English formed guild, members are expected to speak English in the guild chat. We love the fact that many members may be bilingual but we ask that bilingual members respect the fact that many players can only understand English.

    Guild Lead / Generals
    Contact format: (Forum/Discord)

    Guild Leader
    iScarecrow (iJokister/iJokister#5035)


    Thank you for taking the time to read Astrology's recruitment thread, we hope you enjoyed learning about our guild and hope to see you join us!

    *Astrology reserves the right to kick any player for any reason*
    *Header image was made/edited by iScarecrow a.k.a iJokister, base image & font rights belong to their respective owners*
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    Guild Application Format:

    flyff Experience:


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      Guild Application Format:

      IGN: PongPagong
      flyff Experience:
      Timezone: GMT +8


      • iJokister
        iJokister commented
        Editing a comment
        Hello Pong, thank you for your interest in Astrology! Unfortunately, I cannot accept your application until you fill out the flyff Experience slot. You're welcome to fill that field with brief history of your flyff knowledge or just how many hours/years you've played flyff/Insanity. This is to get an idea of what type of players are joining/interested in Astrology as well to get a feel for how fluent a player is in the English language.

        TL;DR - Please fill out 'flyff Experience' and your application will be reviewed again at that time.

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      Main Char: NightWolf
      alt: Minos / ItachyUchiha
      Mexico . time zone UTC -8
      PVE Player
      Discord - ItachyUchiha