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Zero to Endgame Guide (Part 3)

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  • Zero to Endgame Guide (Part 3)

    {continuation of the Zero to EndGame Guide}
    [Zero to EndGame Guide](Part2)

    [Day 5] - Forgotten Island Farming, Ia Runes, 10% Cards and Tenshi Set!

    You know the Drill, Lets Farm! for two hours this time!

    Drop+ Stats Counter
    COH = GB+1
    Xtal+4 Weap = GB+1
    Giftbox Buff = GB+1
    Party Buffs Gift Box = GB+1
    Scroll of Aqui = GB+1
    Total GB = 5

    Party Buffs Fortune Drop = DropRate +?
    Lord's Event = DropRate +25%
    Lord's Cheer = DropRate +10%

    Golden Banana = Penya +25%
    Zombie Brainzzzz = Penya +15%
    Total Penya% = 35%

    Right now we have:
    GiftBox +5
    DropRate +25%++
    Penya +35%

    Now lets head to Market!
    to sell our RedChips
    and buy "Ia Runes" , x4 10% Lightning Cards and a Tenshi Set"

    These are usually much cheaper when buying from Other players instead of BC Shop
    - 24perin

    as for Tenshi Parts they sell for atleast 5p+

    IA Runes, lets find any that are atleast cheaper than ones in BC Shop

    Found some cheap Suns and Moons, who could resist?
    these will be used nicely on our upgrades later!

    Fast Forward~
    We managed to Sell:
    60k RedChips = 120p

    and we bought
    x4 LC10% Cards for 24p
    x4 Boxes of Suns and Moons for 20p
    x5 Ia Runes for 90p
    and a Tenshi set for 35p

    Some parts are [Male] but we could just go to "Scroll Shop NPC" and buy Item Transy (B) to change them to [Female]

    Lets Upgrade our new Set and Pierce Them!

    Next is "Removing Jewel/Rune" from our Weapon and replacing it with "Increased Attack Runes x5"

    With that done, our Weapon is Finished! (im quite lucky with this one, this can fail on any stage)

    Lets go ahead and awake our items then lets check our increases


    Now a 38% IA and 12% IA increase just from Runes and going 28% -> 40% Increased Attack Runes,
    Thats a hell lot of Increase!
    Cant wait to test this out in Farming Again!

    Dont forget to Vote, Lets get that UAS!

    [Day 6] - Forgotten Island Farming and Shade Rift ORBS Quest!!

    Today its the same, Forgotten Island for 2 Hours!
    Well be using This Map to Farm the Scentilians the most but well also compare how would the Splashies Fair

    Lets go to Buffpang and do the Repeatable Quests "Splashy Killer" and "Scentilian Killer"

    After were done lets go back to BuffPang to Turn in the quest and get the "Shade Rift Orb"

    Next are the Splashies

    Lets just repeat this for 2 hours

    First hour done.

    Rinse and Repeat!

    And thats Done! 2 hours and we managed to get
    7 Shade Rift Orbs, these are sold for 20p Each
    58k RedChips, these are sold for 20p per 10k
    93 perin
    Thats a total of 140 + 116p + 93p for a total of 349p!, lookin Good!

    Lets head on to Market and Sell our Loots and Buy "200ip Stated Set" and x20 "Land card S", plus Joining a Guild that has Guild Furniture

    Lets Replace the A Cards on our Stick and Shield, and awake our 200ip Set

    The Total Cost would be
    200ip Set or 150 Perin
    x20 Land Cards = 60 Perin
    + Cost for Awakes for a total of 310+ Perin

    Lastly well be Looking for a Guild, we can look for ones in Discord and Apply in the #guild-recruitment

    Perfect, Underworld Guild has a full set of Furniture that works for us the most! cant wait to farm again tomorrow!

    Thats all for today but dont forget to Vote!

    Were nearly there! tomorrow is the 1 week mark and lets assess our over all development.

    {continuation of the Zero to EndGame Guide}
    [Zero to EndGame Guide](Part 4)

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    Thank you for your guide! It is really nice to have a bit more detailed overview about the basics and gear that come along the way to become better. It helped me already really much!