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  • MP Balance for FM

    MP Balancing for lvl 300 FM

    x+y = totalAwakesLines

    totalMp = ((baseMp+500x)+7.2 * (int-15))(1+(baseMp%/100)+(MP%line/100)(totalAwakesLines-x))

    totalAwakesLines => how many awake lines you want to use for MP/MP%
    baseMp => mp when naked nothing equipped/no buffs, etc + mp from items/beads/rarities etc...(not awakes ofc)
    baseMp% => mp% from items/buffs/prems/rarities etc... (not awakes ofc)
    MP%line => how much a mp% line will be on average. Example: 11

    You can put the formula into a graphdrawer and find its max point to solve X (the amount of 500mp lines u need). Then solve y

    Idk the asal formula but with the assumption that doubleing ur str doubles ur dmg and doubleing ur total mp doubles ur dmg.
    The str needed to be as valueable as a MP% or 500MP line is below.
    Valuing str awake to Mp% or MP should be as follows.

    strLine = totalStr (500 * (1+totalMp%))/totalMp
    strLine = totalStr (MP%line * (baseMp+500x)+7.2 * (int-15))/totalMp

    If you have good balance between MP% lines and 500MP lines the answer should almost be the same, since flyff works with whole numbers.
    I know it's hard to follow but maybe someone finds it useful