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    Any suggestions for fast leveling, job guide and item guides? :D

    Planning to make a farmer and a pvp character

    Peace Out!


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    Hey there :)

    I dont pvp nor am I a pro, but for starting off I would recommend making a seraph first and foremost as it is the most versatile class imo with all of the self buffs and self sustainability. Seraphs have pretty decent AoE for farming and is my current go-to farmer.

    For levelling wise, I dont have much to say since I havent levelled up since the PvE rework, althought I am pretty sure it is still simple and straight forward if you follow this

    Unsure about the items guide you are asking about but there is an npc in all cities which have level 120 equipments which are very helpful for levelling up. When levelling yourself I advise collecting keys and chests as they are a very good source of buff items such as Gingerbread and Pride of Victory which are pretty helpful buffs.

    Awakenings play a huge part in damage but they are mostly rng so you'd have to get lucky with your rolls. Try to aim for Increased attack, Pve Damage and Adoch (just increased attack and pve damage if youre a non-adoch oriented class)

    This was just a little quick guide I whipped up so hope it helps. If you need more in depth Ill be happy to help
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      Keep on voting, and by the time you reach 75 vote points and you want to be level 300 asap. buy criminal ticket in vote shop. you will be maxed no time