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  • How to Edit Fashion

    How to Edit Fashion

    What I use:

    ATools "Model Viewer", Insanity flyff Model folder, (will sometimes be referred to as "PDN"), and Spotify (gotta' have my music).

    WARNING: some versions of ATools have been found to contain suspicious files. I am not responsible for damages if you do not properly follow warnings or use a bad download. I also will not provide a link to the download I use in case it's ever corrupted. Use at your own risk.

    Before you begin, let me explain what you're doing!

    Fashion is made of 2 files. The first file is called ".o3d" This is referring to the model or "skeleton" of that piece of fashion. The second file is going to end with ".dds" and this is the "skin" to that skeleton. It's what puts color/clothes/skin on the model. You can imagine the .o3d as a bare clay figure, and the .dds as paint to make it look real.

    You can edit the .dds with any photo editing program (GIMP, Photoshop, etc) but I like the simplicity of and the ability to undo every change from start to finish if need-be.

    Changing the .dds changes the look FOR YOU in-game, but not for others. You can send them the .dds file you edited if they like it, though, then they can see it too!

    Let's begin!

    Download and open the ATools folder then open the program called "ModelViewer"

    Open your Insanity flyff Model folder

    TIP: In almost all flyffs, fashion is named like "" for example. This is the "NFL Shoe (F)" in-game.

    To browse fashion, type "part_" in your Model folder's search box and wait a few seconds/minutes for it to pull up o3d's

    When you see one you want to try, click and drag ONE o3d file into the grey window of ATools to preview it

    You can drag multiple parts to try out a set, but sometimes items start stacking up.

    Press Ctrl+F to close all open models.

    TIP: Sometimes certain models bug the program and you have to close it entirely and open again. I've noticed that files with the same DATE of the file that causes this error will also cause more errors.

    Once you find the part you want to work with, press Ctrl+E to figure out the "texture" (.dds) name

    Open, and locate the .dds and open it from within PDN

    You'll most likely use the "recolor tool" for 90%+ of your work

    This tool changes the color of something, and it bases its behavior on the color of the EXACT pixel you begin using it on

    Adjusting the "Tolerance" percent changes the range of colors that will be affected by the recolor tool

    You need to save after making changes that you want to view, and CLOSE and REOPEN ModelViewer

    You can drag the model into ModelViewer again to see what you've done!

    Don't be afraid to try random things!

    On, you can hold Ctrl+Z to undo EVERYTHING from start to finish as long as you haven't closed, and Ctrl+Y to redo everything all over again

    A few tips:

    If you let go of the clicker(?) while recoloring, it'll restart the coloring and look weird if you try to do the other half of something in another go. Just get a steady hand and do that part all at once. Undo (Ctrl+Z) is your friend!

    Putting other pictures on stuff looks cool. To do this, I recommend Googling an image with an already transparent background. Copy it, then hit Ctrl+Shift+V to paste into a new layer and to be able to adjust the image. You'll have to hit Ctrl+Shift+F to flatten the image in order for it to save and display properly, and to start working on the original image again.

    Got a picture you want to add to your fashion but it has a background? To make your image transparent, open a blank on and erase (or use the magic wand) to clean away the background from the edges. Make sure you erase 100% of the background so it looks professional!

    On textures that have a transparent background (grey and white squares anywhere on the image), you can erase parts of the image and those things will disappear from the object as well! (Example: Flowers on Chi hair(F) can be erased so that they're not there anymore!)

    Good luck, and most importantly, have fun!