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Question about crackshooter atack speed

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  • Question about crackshooter atack speed

    With the last patch the skill Bow Mastery now gives 50% increase in projectile speed. Is it suppose to increase the atack speed? cause for me it seems to be same as it was before the patch.

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    Correct me when im wrong, isnt this the atk speed of the skills ?


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      projectile speed sounds like the travel time of the arrow so guess you'll indeed hit faster


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        Originally posted by iTwan View Post
        Correct me when im wrong, isnt this the atk speed of the skills ?
        Attack Speed is your basic attacking animation. Decreased Casting Time would be your skills channeling animation.

        Just returned to FlyFF myself so my memory could be entirely foggy on that one, but that's what I noticed with Seraph and Arcanist at least.

        AND, in terms of Projectile Speed, I have yet to even notice it on my Arcanist with the new buffs we received. But, I just assumed it meant that the travel speed for arrows, fireballs, and things of the like. It sounds more like a PvP bonus than it does a PvE one, so I think we'd need someone to confirm it or have tested it out.