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Can't log in my 2 accounts

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  • Can't log in my 2 accounts

    Hi its been a long time since I stopped playing, now that there is new content i would like to start playing again but when i try to log in the 2 accounts i used to play it seems like they are blocked or disabled or something like that, i think so because i tried to create an account with the older name and when i try to register with it, it pops an error message: This username already exist. I even tried to recover password of those account but it also says Error failed to get email. Please admins and staff help me i would like to play again in my characters, it would be a shame to lose an account i even donated to the server.
    Thanks for your atention.

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    Read the stickied post at the top of the subreddit. Many of us were locked out at the same time and the official message so far has been 'We're not interested' to paraphrase somewhat. Good luck.

    Kodi nox
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