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    Hey folks,

    Have my 300L Crackshooter doing pretty well and I've just started BC farming, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what to do next?

    My stats are,

    AP: 54500
    DEF: 1686
    ADOCH: 909%
    MBlock: 85%
    RBlock: 80%
    Parry: 10%

    DEX: 1953
    STA: 280
    HP: 445,000

    Buffs: Pang and Seraph (Making BP now, I can't remember if they have good buffs or not).
    Pots: Grilled Eel, Gingerbread, Pride of Victory, Potion of Accuracy, Elixer of Evasion, Flask of the Rabbit, Flask of the Lion, Flask of Stone, adn Lord's Blessing. I also have Rage Scroll and Super Charged Power Scroll but since they are expensive I didn't use them prior to this post, but will be active for the boss fight.

    Armor and Weapons Lv.250, +10 with no good piercings yet
    1-2 ADOCH awakes per piece

    I can do about 3.5-5.5mil damage per hit on most bosses, and I can survive the Silver Wing and Kraken just fine, and I can do the Dream Queen and Dread Drakul if I get lucky with blocks. Drakul and Queen can get a lucky crit on me for about 800k-1.5mil damage and off me sometimes. (after posting this I got killed on the very first attack by Dream Queen for 1m damage... This seems like a very inconsistent method since who knows if I'll win or not?) It just sucks to die there, since I cannot rerun the dungeon for an hour regardless of whether or not I won. Also am I missing any? I have also tried to Ivillis and Traseia bosses but someones always there before me so I don't try to ninja it. I probably need to be in a Guild to try Clockworks.

    Edit: Nevermind, it seems Kraken can still 1 shot me with a lucky crit. damn.

    Big question is, what stats awakes do i prioritize? I figure ADOCH is best, and hoping for either IA, PvE dam or HP%. But I'm not sure what is best. (Also it's a little frusterating that I have used over 150 UAS now and have only seen multiple ADOCH awakes on the same item one time. but oh well). And how much Stamina should I have? I read what guides I could find on here and it seems like I need to have a LOT more HP to do this, but I restatted and put 400 points or so into Stamina, and even with Eel I still have well under 1m HP while taking a huge hit to my damage output due to less Dex. Unless someone recommends it, i am hesitant to start pumping HP since that would require different awakes and spending money on those cards. (I farmed Mars forever and only got 3 A cards that are useless to me.)

    This might seem silly, but what about skills? It seems like Arrow Rain + attacking is the most DPS, since it looks like poison and burn don't do that much considering i have to stop attacking to apply the debuffs.

    Finally, I'm wondering what to spend my BC on first. Accessories, weapon or armor? Or should I get the chest piece and my 10%IA cards? (Should I be using HP or IA cards?). Weapon with 10 DexA cards would be nice. That's a LOT of BC though xD

    Anyway thank you for reading. If i missed this information on the guides already here please let me know but I think I've read it all. Sorry for word vommiting but I haven't been in this position before in Flyff to solo these bosses xD

    Hey, while I'm here, I am an active PvE nut who would love to find a guild. I also have 600 levels of questies in my bank I would kill to get rid of xD
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