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  • Item Mall Problem

    So recently i started playing again after years of not playing flyff at all. And i donated 10 Euros so i could get some stuff to start easier, and i bought a few things to my account to use them when i lvl up to 300, but i noticed that when i got inside of the game, i didnt had the things i bought. Yet the IP got discounted from my account.
    I wonder if some items that are bought from the Item Mall take a few hours to appear in-game or if this is an error, im not really sure now.
    I bought Malefic Conqueror Bow, Imperial Crackshooter Set (M), Pick-up Pet Upgrade Package, Bone Golem, and didnt receive any of those.
    And i bought a few other things that i did receive indeed.
    So im confused, can anybody help me out?

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    did you check your mail?


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      I did check my mail, there’s nothing in there


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        the only thing you can do is make a ticket. As long as you have proof of your purchases you should be fine.