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High FPS drops

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  • High FPS drops

    Hey, so i have a little problem, i just downloaded the client and everything so far worked fine aside from that the first weird thing was after i logged into my account the sound of the game stopped working. then i created my account and i also had no problems, after i got into the game baaaaaam. My FPS are jumping between 100 and 1. I cant play the game because its non stop jumping and giving me high laggs...
    Someone encountered that problem also and maybe knows a fix ?

    I have a MSI Laptop with a i7 7700hq, 16gb ram, 1tb hdd 256gbss, nvidia gtx 1050ti.... and i run the game with the windows xp sp3.

    i would really love to play it again but until yet i couldnt find a solution, i checked all my drivers and im just having problems with flyff games like black desert, league of legends, guild wars 2 and so on are working smooth and with high fps.

    HELP PLEASE !!!!
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    I suggest looking at options in-game, the video settings, like view distance and bloom, try to put everything as low as possible, that should help a lot.
    If that doesn't work, I suggest re-installing the game and see if that makes a difference.

    I am not home right now so I can't show what options I am talking about, but if you press escape and select the options menu, the first tab, and then put everything on low, bloom and item effects and also skill effects on off, by sliding a slider. When I get home I will post a screenshot with the options I am talking about.

    I do hope this helps you.


    Edit: I made it home, I added an attachment with explenation, I really hope it helps, otherwise potentially make a ticket and see if they can help you :/
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      Hey, thanks for the answer, i tried your solution and the same still happenes and i think also with my gpu that shouldnt effect it that much ... :/


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        then I suggest making a ticket.
        I think they might be able to help you, I am not sure how and what, I have never seen someone with this problem :/


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          yea i wrote them a ticket.. need to wait now. but its a really weird bug i also checked all my gpu setting and so on and its like nothing is wrong just that the game doesnt want to work :(