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    So I wanted to start getting the mentor pupil buffs, but I can't really even begin to start it, the offi flyff wiki says questrequirement is 91-129. Is this why
    I can't accept any quest or don't see any quest symbol above her head? Am I out of luck because I'm already lvl 300? I hope not, why wouldn't it be updated for this server?
    I checked out the insanity quest guide for mentor, but that only explains the points and the stats for how many are online.

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    If I were you I'd read this wiki page: .
    This is the link to the quest you have to do as Mentor:

    The mentor/pupil system has been changed a bit. Just follow the wiki page and make sure to not go over lvl 189, because that will break the bond.

    I hope this will help you, and have a great day

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      Thanks for the help, fortunately I was able to find a youtube video like 2 mins after I posted this lol. I got it done and have my pupils now, thanks.