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What are the best Places/Dungeons to make many Perins?[Arcanist]

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  • What are the best Places/Dungeons to make many Perins?[Arcanist]

    Hello everybody.

    Im Arcanist and i got decent EQ already.( BC Weapon, Archmage Set, Trinium CS Set...) My question is what is the best way to farm much Perins except the normal way on Criminal Island? Crystal Cove? Or maybe Shades Rift? How can i farm Earie Orbs solo to enter Shades Rift? I got some questions and i would be so thankful if some nice people could help me out with that. =)

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    It all depends on your damage, the best place would be Shades RIft, but monsters there have 40m hp. The second best place is Forgotten Island, where the monsters have 20m hp. If you can't get around 1m hp I suggest sticking with either the area behind the altar in the church in Flaris, or try Coral Island or Azria (blinkwing and ticket found at the Buff Pang). The more damage you get, the easier it becomes to farm.
    I would just focus on damage on not so much on hp, because that will come overtime when you upgrade your gear.


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      I do 20mil dmg per AoE at forgotten and i got 1,2mil hp at full int. But how can i get the Orbs to farm at shades rift?


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        You can get them from Crypt, its the dungeon in the chuch behind the altar, at the end of the catacombs, there are magical and physical resistant mobs there, so you will need a adoch class or a physical class to kill the first monsters, or buy the orbs for 8p-10p per on the market.


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          Thanks. Is it right that crackshooter are better for hunting bosses(blue chips farming)? Because of the high blockrate and stuff. Because i have some problems at crystal cove and other dungeons with my Arca


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            yes, this is true, magic casters have a more difficult time doing dungeons and bosses, but they are capalbe of doing so.