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    I am sure you get this a lot, but.... I was curious as to how am I supposed to progress. When should I stop using the starter set and when should i focus on making myself a set and weapon? I am currently almost level 200 Arcanist. I want to go towards the AoE style and I think there is a guide on that. Also any advice for a new Arcanist?

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    It is possible to use the starter set until level 250/300. The reason for this is because once you are level 300, you would be focused on either farming Blue Chips for the level 300 set, farming Cove for the Archmage set parts, or farming penya to buy decently upgraded Archmage parts. Also, when you are level 300, you can look into making/buying either malefic staff/shield or trin staff/shield.

    As for advice, when you are starting out you could probably go about 50/50 between int/sta for your build's stats and then adjust from there based on your upgrades. The sta in the build is just to help you survive a bit more while you work on improving your dmg.