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    Hey I'm trying to play insanity but I would love to know before I start if there is a certain class that would be considered more OP than the others, not sure where to post exactly, so I just out it here. Any advice would be great thanks.

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    It depends what kind of class would you want to make. PvP or Pve, farming character, tank or aoe etc. If you are new player or beginner, maybe Arca/Seraph or Crackshooter would be good for you. Slayer and ForceMaster building takes time and perins (money). Here some players use different classes for different missions. For example somebody makes a Crackshooter/Slayer/ForceMaster for PvP/ Secret room/Colosseum or Cove. Or someone makes an Arcanist and Seraph for farming items and perins, but most like to make an Arcanist. If you are interested of PvP ;Crack/adoch FMs are a good start for PvP as they are cheap to make and quite simple. Templars are good if you want to play tank role.

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