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    Just wanted to ask this, if anyone has any info about Pve Arca, if you just know the ratios or even have pro pve arca/secret room type.
    I know slayers stack 20%pve,30adoch type of awakes on each, does arca need only pure 30int/20pve awakes aswell? Or should I mix IA with int/pve aswell?

    It seems I lose damage at forgotten island when i switch IA/pve awake piece to a 25% pure pve piece for example. While its very small, like 50k dmg difference, I
    thought it would be better than my 26% ia/pve mix.Should I just avoid IA/pve mix awakes and look for INT/pve awakes on trin/libras/etc? Thanks.

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    I noticed also on my Seraph that ia boost my Dmg more then pve. Maybe ia is better for Magic classes.


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      Try going for 15%+ ia/pve awakes

      You are better off prioritizing getting IA% on all your pieces or mixing with high % pve damage.

      TLDR: Think of it this way the IA% increase scales/grows, whereas int is just a flat rate the entire time.


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        Alright, thanks for the help! I'll try out more ia, and just straight upgrades(like 25%pve>18%pve), even if its a mix awake.