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  • Slayer what build?

    Hello Guys,

    Im making a Slayer atm but my question is now like what build should i use. Im planning to go bossing with the Slayer so what awakes do i need and how many? Like do i need to have much adoch as possible or do i also need some ia awakes and pve awakes? If yes how much? Also do i need to go full STR or do i need Some STA?

    please help me!

    thanks already!

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    Adoch Pve awakes, if using UAS aim for 3adoch 85-90 or 3pve 30+ or 30+adoch 20+pve / 60+adoch 10+pve. Just balance it to maximize ur dmg. Just do hp bug thats enough with trinium costume and +10xtal sets you can have 2m to 3m hp.


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      I will move this to Ask a question section


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        Pve set (duelist) xtal+10
        Malefic Axe on both hands main should be xtal+20 off hand +10
        If u can afford trin weaps use that and u should use Axe in main had and sword in ur offhand
        Strx2 and all statx1 craft
        Leos jewelry
        Trin cs
        Mega tiger pet
        38 to 44% IA runes in ur main hand
        12% IA cards in ur suit
        12str cards in ur weaps
        Legend-insane pve or adoch rarity
        Awakes pve/adoch mix (1pve = 3 adoch)
        70-83% mix low awakes
        83-88%mix decent awake
        +90% mix good awake
        ​​​​​​(don't remember the how much adoch max)
        Join to our Discord to ask how much adoch max or if u have any other question