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Dual Client

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  • Dual Client

    Hi! Just wondering how can i run dual client in this game. When I open another client, my first client freezes. Thanks in advance!!

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    Hello there omegalul29,

    To dual client;
    1) Load up one client first. (don't login)
    2) now load up the second client, by simply running the patcher file again.
    3) Now that both clients have loaded (without logging in).. you can log in!
    4) Woah


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      5) repeat #2
      6) repeat #2
      7) let the lag fest begin xD


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        omegalul29 The reason your client freezes is because Neuz.exe disallows players from patching the game while it is already running.

        Open multiple instances of the Flyff program when the game is at the login screen ONLY.
        *NOT at the patch screen OR while playing*


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          Just go in Window's search bar and type "Security and Maintenance" -> on the left click now on "Change user Account settings" and set it in the second level starting from the bottom.
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