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Few questions from a returning player

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  • Few questions from a returning player

    1. How do I use the A slots on the keyboard? (A1, A2, A3, etc)
    2. Why can't I use prevention on my Serpah?
    3. Can I buy backpacks anywhere?
    4. What's a good aoe ForceMaster build?

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    1. Press Alt+number
    2. You might need a stick to cast it, and that skill got a cooldown after you have casted it.
    3. Hm.. haven't seen it in item shop neither
    4. Not sure about that. Maybe somebody can answer better. I guess its more of how you upgrade or awake your equips, You can buy restat for like 2.5m so it depends on how much hp you need at that moment


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      As a ForceMaster, i used AOE a lot of times for farming, leveling parties, killing boss respawns, etc... but does not really matter much.
      Most of the FMs build PVE ADOCH / ADOCH IA.

      But if AOE FM is your thing, you can go Full INT for Bgvur Tialbold, and Int-based AOE for Billposter.
      While on the awakes you can go IA / PVE / INT, depends on what is your playstyle preference.

      This is from my personal thought that i would like to share to you.
      If you like being a FM, it would be better if you will build the ADOCH one as it is much greatly used and in demand.
      Plus the sets and everything provides most of the things that an ADOCH FM need compared to an AOE one.

      Hope this helped. :)
      Cheers mate!
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