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Patch Notes 5.07.24

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  • Patch Notes 5.07.24

    Maze event has been extended and will end on 7th July

    We have overhauled the coding on Offline Vendors. Fixing alot of the issues the system had.
    Front end you should not notice any difference to normal.

    All existing Vendors will auto expire and will be required to be set up from scratch.

    The changes have also broke the shop finder system which we are in the process of also overhauling.

    You can now Search you bank for items like inventory

    Party Skills:
    We have added a new party level 15 skill "Ground Ping" which costs 1 skill point to use. This will allow you to ping the ground which all party memebers in the vacinity will see.

    Other Changes:
    -Blue Crystal Weapons now level 299 (will no longer annouce on drop)
    -Increased Mob spawns in Dart Teresia
    -Levelling Mobs 305-350 min/max attack dmg has been reduced
    -Plinths have been added outside all instances for statues to now spawn on rather then all spawning ontop of each other,
    -Crash reports can now be send directly to us on client crash
    -Added hide mask option to inventory window
    -Fixed bug with Guild Creation
    -Fast login double click added to channel select and character select windows
    -Fix for partys and instances. You no longer have to make a new party every time

    Summer Nitro and Battle Pass is expected to be ready early next week
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