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Ancient Artifacts Event Patch Notes 13.07.23

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  • Ancient Artifacts Event Patch Notes 13.07.23

    The Potato King Event
    Has Officially ended. The Potato King can now only be found in Darkon Town. You have at min 2 weeks to spend any remaining Potatoes after which they will be deleted.

    Ancient Artifacts Event
    This event starts now will run until the 31st July.

    In all towns [Expedition Party Leader] Vespu has once again appeared with a task for you! He is looking for Ancient Artifacts which he will trade for transmute Sets and Weapon. The year along with the Egyptian CS he is offering exclusive Pirate CS.

    Ancient Artifacts can mainly be found by panning Ancient Dirt. You will need Flimsy Dirt Pans which can be purchased from Vespu and Ancient Dirt that can be obtained by killing monsters level 200+, Collecting, every 5 hours you are online and from winning FFA or Guild Siege.

    You can find the following while panning for dirt:
    • Eye Of Ra Charm (Consumable)
    • Scarab Charm (Consumable)
    • Pirate Rum (Consumable)
    • Ancient Artifact (To Spend at Vespu)
    While farming you may encounter Egyptian Mummy or Egyptian King Mummy Monsters. These mobs will directly drop Artifacts and will have a small chance of dropping a Egyptian Artifact Reward Box. The Egyptian Artifact Reward Box contains 1 of the Egyptian Sets or Weapons at random.

    Exclusize 2023 Event CS:
    Pirate Warrior Set (M) Pirate Warrior Suit (F) Crabster Hat (M)/(F)
    Octopus Hat (M)/(F) Barometer Mask Captain Pig Pet
    Octopus Balloon Cloak Octopus Treasure Cloak Skeleton Treasure Cloak