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  • Gold Rush Event

    Gold Rush Event
    Starts today and will last until 4th June(23:59 Server time)

    Event effects:
    +25% Penya drops
    All mobs will have a chance to drop Silver Ore and Gold Ore

    Collect Silver Ore and Gold Ore from mobs or the new Flarine Instance. Once you have 5 or more of either ore head over to the the Mysterious Visitor who has alot of smelting options for you!

    Once you have Obtained Silver or Gold Bars you can either save them up to spent in the Mysterious Visitor Shop or you can sell them directly to any NPC.

    Silver bars will sell for 75Mil Penya each and gold Bars will sell for 150Mil Penya each to any NPC shop.

    Head to the new instance to fine minable rocks to fine ores!

    Located just outside Flarine (West from Central Flarine) you will fine a new Tier 0 Instance. This instance has a 6 Hour cooldown and contains rocks you will need Mining Pickaxes to mine which have a chance to give you ores. The mobs in the instance have a much higher chance to drop ores as well as the Boss!

    To mine the ore You can buy Mining Pickaxes from the Mysterious Visitor!

    Mysterious Visitor Shop:
    If money is not your thing the Mysterious Visitor has a few new GMounts to offer you for bars!
    Red Sports Car [GMount] Anime Sports Car [GMount]

    Secret Room:
    Changed Rewards:
    1st = 1k Soul Fragments, x5 Secret Room Reward Box (prev 200SF and 5 boxes)
    2nd = 500 Soul Fragments, x3 Secret Room Reward Box (prev 100SF and 3 boxes)
    3rd = 300 Soul Fragments, x2 Secret Room Reward Box (prev 50SF and 1 box)
    4th = 200 Soul Fragments, x1 Secret Room Reward Box (prev no reward)
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    Due to issues with selling high volume of Bars to the shop at once the following has been changed:

    -Event has been extended and will now end on the 4th June
    -All current ingame Gold Bars have been turned into Gold Dust and will sell for 0 penya
    -All current ingame SIlver Bars have been turned into Silver Dust and will sell for 0 penya
    -All new Gold/Silver Bars will now have a max stack of 14.
    -You can use the shop or exchange to turn Dust back into the equivalent Bars. (old bars have been turned into dust due to the new max size which would of deleted any stacks of bars above it)
    -You can now buy Gold/Silver Bullion for 50 Bars Each (you can use Bullion to regain your Bars)
    -You can also exchange High amounts of ores directly into Bullions
    -The Mounts now Cost Bullion instead of pure Bars
    -Fixed text Error on Dungeon Cooldown window
    -Mine Keeper Mobs now also drop penya
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