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Sling Shot 1.5 Patch Note 19.09.22

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  • Sling Shot 1.5 Patch Note 19.09.22

    Key Binding
    You can now change Key Binding for everything in the new tab in the Options.

    Drop Log
    You will now see a new window which keeps track of all your drops you pick up, or items gained via boxes.

    Drop Information
    Pressing Tab while you have a monster selected will now bring up a new window which shows all teh drops of that mob along will the base % drop chance.

    64x Client
    We have introduced a 64 bit client. 64Bit doesnt just opens us alot of new possibilietes, it will also increase the overall Performance of your Game Client and the Server!

    Discord Integration
    We started to make use of Discord's SDK. For now we have only implented the Rich Presence. But we saw all the fancy Functions that Discord Offers and will make more use of them in future Patches!

    Multi Language
    We also added 2 more Language Options to our Client.
    We added Portugues & French to our Client

    While in windows mode you can now freely resize your client. We have also introduced Inventory Window resizing.

    PvE and Drop Changes

    The time has come for an overhaul of bosses and their drops. This Overhaul will increase the general Farming experience on Insanity by aloooot!

    Bosses have now been split into Tiers. Each tier will get increasingly harder and will require more people to complete and will reward higher tier items.
    The overhaul includes improvements to AI to fix alot of the issue bosses have in getting bugged to be killed easier by players.

    All bosses base stats have been change to match their tier. All bosses(Excluding Tier 0) now have new attack patterns.

    Quickie info graph:

    Instance Changes:
    • Sanpres 1+2- All mobs are now level 280, [Ship] Silver Wing Harpee is now level 280,
    • The Wilds- All mobs are now level 280, Beast King Khan is now level 280,
    • The Savage Wilds- All mobs are now level 280, Beast Overlord Khan is now level 280,
    • Herneos 1+2- All mobs are now level 300, Kraken is now level 300,
    • Aminus- All mobs are now level 325, Drakul the Diabolic is now level 325,
    • Cursed Aminus- All mobs are now level 325, Dread Drakul the Diabolic is now level 325,
    • Ankous Asylum- All mobs are now level 325, [God of Death] Ankou is now level 325,
    • Kalgas Cave- All mobs are now level 325, [God of Wrath] Kalgas is now level 325,
    • Clockworks- Clockworks is now level 325,
    • Underground Crypt- All mobs are now level 325, Deammore is now level 350,
    • Oroth's Domain- Removed Forest Nyphms from Boss area,
    • Catacombs of Anguise- 3 idols have been removed and replaced with crystal cover mid bosses,

    World Bosses Changes:
    • Rangda is now level 250,
    • Turtle King is now level 250,
    • Horrible Rangda is now level 250,
    • Uncanny Rangda is now level 250,
    • Serus Uriel is now level 250,
    • Dreadful Rangda is now level 250,
    • Ivillis Leanes is now level 250,
    • General Razgul is now level 250,
    • Chief Keokuk is now level 280,
    • Red Meteonyker is now level 280,
    • Basilisk is now level 280,
    • Iblis's Perpetrator is now level 280,
    • Bedrock Essence is now level 325,
    • Priest of Shade is now level 325,
    World Bosses Respawn times:
    • Tier 0- 30 mins
    • Tier 1- 3 Hours
    • Tier 2- 4 Hours
    • Tier 3- 5 Hours

    Instance Re-enter times:
    • Tier 1- 1 Hour
    • Tier 2- 2 Hours
    • Tier 3- 5 Hours (Must now be level 320 to enter)
    • Tier 4- 5 Hours (Must now be level 340 to enter)
    -Removed all new attack patterns from Easy Mobs.
    -All old skill attacks have been moved to the new system so will have cooldowns and not be spammed.
    -Cooldown is now back to 3 hours.

    Drop Modifier Changes
    To allow for better and fairer drops on boss monsters to be an option for us, we have had to look at all our drop modifications and make changes to them.

    Because of what has been changed and how that effects all mobs. We have gone through and made sure all the farming mobs have been updated to provide the same farming rates with the new changes as without them. For instance all farming mobs now have a rare drop chance that drop a higher amout of rc to take advantage of the new GB.

    All current drop % multiplers ingame have remained unchanged (Lord Event/Miracle of Love etc.)

    Invisible multiplier:
    The game was running a x75 multiplier to all drops behind the scenes. With the introduction of our drop information window this has been removed. All drop chance base values have been updated to compensate.

    Gift Box
    Orginally for every giftbox you had the game would do a full drop reroll. this would mean for a boss that would only drop max 3 items you would end up with about 20+ with max giftbox. This of course caused alot of problems when trying to actually balance drop tables with good stuff for players. Due to that and players wanting better more rewarding drops from bosses we have totally overhauled gift box.

    Each Gift box will now provide a x1.25 mulitplier to the drop chance of all drops under 10% chance.

    Scroll of Acquisition (Low)
    Was considered and worked the same as the old Gift Box. It has been changed and will now instead add +1 to the max amount of items dropped by a monster.

    Party Skills
    Gift Box:
    It has been changed and will now instead add +1 to the max amount of items dropped by a monster. the skill name has been changed to Party Acquisition.

    Fortune Drop:
    Has not been changed and wIll provide a x1.5 multiplier to the drop chance of all drops under 1% chance.

    Other Changes
    -Card event has now been fully removed.
    -Updated Voter Buff description as it also provides a 5% drop chance effect,
    -Some Guard potistions have been changed,
    -Danger and tornado attack pattern indicator have been made bigger,
    -All monsters projectile speed has been doubled,
    -Piece Puzzler NPC has been removed from all towns,
    -Fractured Celestial Weapon/Fractured Celestial Armor/Fractured Dragon Lord Weapon/Fractured Dragon Lord Armor that are exchanged with Piece Puzzler have been removed from the drop tables. Please PM Me on discord (MadHatter) if you own any amount of any of them.

    -Various bug fixes,
    -Various Rainbow Race fixes,
    -Fixed some Monster Animation issues,
    -Fixed the 2 idling guards in Darkon Town,
    -Fixed to mobs not spawning on eggs correctly,
    -Fixed Mines exploding instantly,
    -Fixed Piercing Arrow -30% speed,
    -Fixed bug with the Agnum Set (M).
    -Fixed issue with the Dark Skull animated Wand/Staff being set the wrong way around
    -Fixed selection of missing models on both client/server end

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    -Fix for projectiles. Projectiles are no longer lost when near other players.
    -Fixed projectile hack: You can no longer delete projectiles of other players / mobs.
    -Fixed EXP bug
    -Added sliders for camera position & look delay.
    -Droplog : When a hotkey is assigned to droplog, it won't pop into existance when a item is dropped.
    -Added new background toggle ability to all windows using basic theme.
    -Now there are 3 states: Visible , Fade In, Invisible.
    -If any window is in invisible state and the ``Fix window surface`` hotkey is pressed , then the window is transformed into an overlay that cannot be clicked. This allows to click through the window - while keeping the data on screen.
    -Added an experimental ability to force all windows to use basic theme, thus making the toggle available. ( Options )
    -Tier 3 Instance level requirement reduced to level 300
    -Reduced Forest Nymph Min/Max attack Dmg by 50%
    -Slightly Lowered all tier 3 Min/Max attack Dmg