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Patch Notes 10.11.21

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  • Patch Notes 10.11.21

    -Halloween has now ended. Towns are now back to normal, and the Halloween map is no longer accessible,
    -All Halloween Tokens/Quests items will stick around until Xmas Patch to allow you time to finish and spend any remaining tokens,
    -Halloween NPC's are now only accessible in Darkon.
    -Ancient Dirt, Flimsy Dirt Pans and Egyptian Artifacts have now all been removed.

    -Moved Daily Main Siege to 6pm (Prev 7pm)
    -Moved Tuesday Secret Room to 4:30pm (Prev 5:30pm)
    -Moved Thursday Secret Room to 2:30am (Prev 3:30am)

    We did not move Saturdays Secret Room cause it would Conflict with Guild Siege.
    If there is discussion about Moving this as well to an different time, DM Marvin.
    Skill / Item Effect Changes
    HP to Weapon Transfer

    [Malefic Conqueror Axe]
    DEX +45 -> Increased HP +10%

    [Trinium Shadow Axe]
    DEX +60 -> Increased HP +10%

    [Divine Warrior Axe]
    DEX +65 -> Increased HP +10%

    [DragonLord Warrior Axe]
    DEX +65 -> Increased HP +10%

    [Malefic Conqueror Sword]
    DEX +50 -> Increased HP +10%

    [Trinium Shadow Sword]
    DEX +60 -> Increased HP +10%

    [Divine Warrior Sword]
    DEX +65 -> Increased HP +10%

    [DragonLord Warrior Sword]
    DEX +65 -> Increased HP +10%

    [Duelist Set]
    Increased HP +10% -> DEX +130

    [Titanium Slayer Set]
    [New] DEX +130

    [Celestial Warrior Set]
    Increased HP +15% -> DEX +130

    [DragonLord Warrior Set]
    Increased HP +15% -> DEX +130

    [Special One-handed Mastery]
    Increased HP +20% -> Increased HP +15%

    Just like what we have done with Acrobats, we have switched some of the HP from sources such as Sets or Buffs and transfered them to Weapons.
    This would be a preparatory change in lined with the future plans of Stat Clean-up that we have underwent one class tree at a time.
    There are ZERO changes to HP on Celes to Dragon Lord Equipment.
    Malefic + Duelist Sets = +10% HP and 35 Dex increase or 2.625 Block%
    Trin + Titan Sets = +10% HP and and 10 Dex increase or 0.75 block%
    This is just a little taste on whats to come and for now Malefic-Trin and Duelist to Titan Set users getting more HP and Dex.
    PvE QoL Damage Changes

    [Malefic Conqueror Slayer]
    STR +35 -> STR +75

    Due to requests of lower tier 1v1 Templars having subpar fighting capabilities we have decided to buff its Malefic Slayer, this Malefic tier eq buffing will be seen more in this patch note.
    Seraph Early Tier Changes

    [Healers Blessing Shied]
    Magic DEF +10% -> STA +30
    Increased DEF +30% -> PvE Dmg +5%

    [Priest Set]
    Speed +15% -> Speed +35%

    [Titanium Set]
    Speed +25% -> Speed +35%

    HBS Change to suit the corresponding higher end shields and improved early tier qol, this used to have a magic def effect and since we will be using magic def more in the future we have decided to clean up items that have this for some reason.
    Priest - Titanium Set Speed Increase for lower tier seraphs.
    Functional Reworks

    •Seraph + Melee Adoch
    [Blessing of the Wiseman]
    Speed +10% -> Soul Leech +25

    Old Existing Stat repurposed as an attempt to rework the value of seraphs not just to Asals and Hop's but to Melee Adoch Classes too.

    [Not Reaching Max Speed and DCT]
    [Geburah Tephreth]
    Speed +25% -> Speed +50%

    [Mental Sign]
    DCT +20% -> DCT +35%

    Just like the title implies, we have decided to boost the base buff effects of GT and Mental so that players no longer have to purchase multiple beads of the same type to achieve max Speed and DCT.
    You will still need to use Speed and DCT prems and for Asal FM's you will still need to use the Celes DCT Bead (No other way around it).

    [Mage Soft Counter]
    [Rage Scroll]
    Magic Def. 15% -> Magic Def. +30%

    With the current state of Mage LU overwhelming siege we have come to a quick decision of doing a soft change by adding 15% more Magic Def on Rage.
    We will be using Magic Def more in the future Balance Patches and we will repurpose stats that have been thrown or unused.