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Egyptian Artifact Event Patch Notes 20.9.21

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  • Egyptian Artifact Event Patch Notes 20.9.21

    Egyptian Artifact Event
    This event will run until the 18th October.

    In all towns [Expedition Party Leader] Vespu has once again appeared with a task for you! He is looking for Egyptian Artifacts which he will trade for brand new transmute Sets and Weapons.

    Egyptian Artifact can mainly be found by panning Ancient Dirt. You will need Flimsy Dirt Pans which can be purchased from Vespu and Ancient Dirt that can be obtained by killing monsters level 200+, Collecting, every 5 hours you are online and from winning FFA or Guild Siege.

    You can find the following while panning for dirt:
    • Eye Of Ra Charm (New Consumable)
    • Scarab Charm (New Consumable)
    • Egyptian Artifact (To Spend at Vespu)
    While farming you may encounter Egyptian Mummy or Egyptian King Mummy Monsters. These mobs will directly drop Egyptian Artifacts and will have a small chance of dropping a Egyptian Artifact Reward Box. The Egyptian Artifact Reward Box contains 1 of the new Sets or Weapons at random.
    Egyptian Isis White Set (F) Egyptian Isis Black Set (F) Egyptian Isis Blue Set (F) Egyptian Ra White Set (M) Egyptian Ra Black Set (M) Egyptian Ra Blue Set (M)
    Egyptian Amunet White Set (F) Egyptian Amunet Black Set (F) Egyptian Amunet Blue Set (F) Egyptian Anubis White Set (M) Egyptian Anubis Black Set (M) Egyptian Anubis Blue Set (M)
    Egyptian Nephthys White Set (F) Egyptian Nephthys Black Set (F) Egyptian Nephthys Blue Set (F) Egyptian Osiris White Set (M) Egyptian Osiris Black Set (M) Egyptian Osiris Blue Set (M)
    Egyptian Hathor White Set (F) Egyptian Hathor Black Set (F) Egyptian Hathor Blue Set (F) Egyptian Horus White Set (M) Egyptian Horus Black Set (M) Egyptian Horus Blue Set (M)
    Egyptian Bastet White Set (F) Egyptian Bastet Black Set (F) Egyptian Bastet Blue Set (F) Egyptian Amun White Set (M) Egyptian Amun Black Set (M) Egyptian Amun Blue Set (M)
    Egyptian Imentet White Set (F) Egyptian Imentet Black Set (F) Egyptian Imentet Blue Set (F) Egyptian Thoth White Set (M) Egyptian Thoth Black Set (M) Egyptian Thoth Blue Set (M)
    Egyptian Maat White Set (F) Egyptian Maat Black Set (F) Egyptian Maat Blue Set (F) Egyptian Shu White Set (M) Egyptian Shu Black Set (M) Egyptian Shu Blue Set (M)
    Egyptian Neith White Set (F) Egyptian Neith Black Set (F) Egyptian Neith Blue Set (F) Egyptian Khonsu White Set (M) Egyptian Khonsu Black Set (M) Egyptian Khonsu Blue Set (M)
    Egyptian Axe Egyptian Big Axe Egyptian Sword Egyptian Slayer Egyptian Knuckle Egyptian Stick
    Egyptian Staff Egyptian Wand Egyptian Bow Egyptian Yo-Yo Egyptian Shield Egyptian Book
    Egyptian FM Shield

    • Increased 'Preptime' Timer to 5 Minutes
    • Decreased Max Line UP Size to 8
    • Decreased Max Inside Arena Size to 4 per Guild
    Other Changes:
    • Fixed an issue with Dark Skull (Ani) Wand/Staff models/icons being mixed,
    • Fixed Description of Factured Celestial Weapon/Armor Pieces,
    • Removed all remaining Potatoes and Potato King NPC.

    Chongyun Set (M) Diluc Set (M) Razor Set (M) Venti Set (M) Venti Alt Set (M)
    Xiao Set (M) Xiao Alt Set (M) Zhongli Set (M) Ayaka Set (F) Ganyu Set (F)
    Klee Set (F) Klee Alt Set (F) Ningguang Set (F) Qiqi Set (F)
    Venti Cloak Venti Alt Cloak Qiqi Cloak Klee Cloak Klee Alt Cloak
    HP to Weapon Transfer

    Malefic Conqueror Bow
    ADOCH +170%
    Increased Attack +60%
    No Effect -> STA +20

    Trinium Shadow Bow
    ADOCH +200%
    Increased Attack +75%
    No Effect -> Increased HP +25%

    Divine Sniper Bow
    ADOCH +220%
    Increased Attack +90%
    No Effect -> Increased HP +30%

    DragonLord Bow
    ADOCH +225%
    Increased Attack +95%
    No Effect -> Increased HP +30%

    Devastating Sting
    Hp +100% -> Hp70% ; ADOCH +200%

    Nature Call
    STA +100 -> STA +120 ; PvP Dmg -511%

    Malefic Conqueror Yoyo
    ADOCH +90%
    Increased Attack +80%
    Speed +25% -> STA +20

    Trinium Shadow Yoyo
    ADOCH +100%
    Increased Attack +95%
    Speed +35% -> Increased HP +25%

    Divine Assassin Yoyo
    ADOCH +110%
    Increased Attack +105%
    Speed +40% -> Increased HP +30%

    DragonLord Assassin Yoyo
    ADOCH +115%
    Increased Attack +110%
    Speed +40% -> Increased HP +30%

    [Special Yoyo Mastery]
    PvP Dmg +60% ; Increased HP -50% -> Increased HP -80%

    •Harlequin Sets
    Tenshi Imp. Set
    Speed +10% -> Speed +35%

    Thief Set
    Speed +15% -> Speed +50%

    Titan Set
    Speed +15% -> Speed +50%

    Celes Assassin Set
    Speed +20% -> Speed +60%

    DragonLord Assassin Set
    Speed +20% -> Speed +60%

    For far too long, Acrobat weapons did not have HP in them, that meant players could use cheaper alternatives to use as HP swaps such as Baku or Malefics,
    We dicided to adjust this by removing some of their HP from their buffs and putting them into the weapons.
    As to have a more fair distribution of Class Building, as it stands acrobats are still cheaper to build compared to the conventional 2 Weapon / Weap + Shield built classes by simply not having to equip a shield, and so we hope to find some compromise here with this.

    DL Weap users = No Change
    Divine Weap Users = No Change
    Trin Weap Users = -5% HP
    Mage Counterplay

    •Crackshooter Skills
    Silent Arrow
    [S]R.Block -15%[/S]
    Duration: 2s - > 4s
    CD: 20s -> 15s

    •Crackshooter Sets
    [/U] Asylum Set[/U]
    [S]Bow Range +5%[/S]

    [Tenshi Imperial Set
    [S]Bow Range +10%[/S]

    [Titan Sets]
    Bow Range +25% -> Bow Range +15%

    [Divine Sniper Set]
    Bow Range +30% -> Bow Range +20%

    [Dragonlord Sniper Set]
    Bow Range +30% -> Bow Range +20%

    •Harlequin Skils
    [/U] Silence[/U]
    Duration: 2s -> 4s
    CD: 20s -> 15s

    [/U] CounterAttack[/U]
    CD: 20s -> 25s

    With the popularity of Mage lineups in Siege being ever so dominant we have come to a decision that some nerfs should be applied to Mages,
    however this does not entail that massive reductions to Arcanists and Mentalist Skills and Effects would be deserved instead we simply gave classes more counterplay and ofcourse some adjustments are in order, chief among them are Acrobat Utility and CC Skills.

    Also with future updates in mind we had decided to nerf Crackshooter Range by 10% and on some sets its completely non-existent, Crackshooter Range has been an outlier in PvE and PvP and we hope to have this mitigated.
    Overall Bow Range = -10%

    Spectral Javelin
    Duration: 4s -> 1.5s

    Astral Moon
    [S]Magic DEF -10% ; DMT -20%[/S]

    Echoes of the Weary
    [S]DCT -25%[/S]

    Cursed Mind
    Magic DEF -20% -> Magic DEF -30% ; Speed -30% -> Speed -10%

    Samedis Embrace
    Magic DEF -30% ; New Speed -10%

    Psychic Wall
    Increased CD to 60 Seconds as Temporarily Solution to stop the Abuse of it in Siege

    With Siege back to its popularity, the ever so versatile use of Arcanist and Mentalist Skill Passives prove to be too much, even more so when the current meta asks for a grouping tactic.
    With 6 Actionslottable Ranged Skills being able to do 7 Different Debuffs that reduces anything from Magic Def% to Speed, the Arcanist and Mentalist combo is a force to be reckoned with.
    However with the adoption to the Debuff Meta in Later Stages of Colo, we decided to not completely remove the Magic Def% and Speed% Debuffs but instead reduce and allocate them to Cursed Mind.
    The stackability of Debuffs alone is more than enough to drive Melee Classes out of the picture and that cant be more obvious with the Adoch FM and Adoch Slayer absence in Siege,
    We hope this minor Nerf would tip the scales back to a more forgiving siege invironment for Melee Classes
    Removed Skill Passives
    De-Buff Effects Transferred into CM

    [B]•Slayers and Templars
    Empower Weapon
    PvE Dmg +25% -> PvE Dmg +30% ; Crit Chance +50%

    M.Block -25% ; New DCT -30% <Max Dct>

    Smite Axe and Blazing Sword, the + Weapon attack was removed last patch due to some builds adjustment and havent been added since,
    to compensate with that we decided to add PvE Damage as a consolation of the loss in advance, further improvements would be expected in future updates.
    Sneaker with DCT!; Now this is something sorta new into insanity, with Mage counterplay in mind and not just being a defensive situational skill like Ultimate Defense, we decided to add DCT reductions to Sneaker as to having an offensive Mage Counterplay for the Mercenary Skill Trees.

    New DCT -15% <Max Dct> (DeBuff)
    Duration: 20s -> 4s

    Just like -DCT on Sneaker, -DCT on Stonehand serves as an offensive Counterplay specifically for Mages, this does not affect other classes in any obvious way.
    Hopefully this would bring Melee Classes back into the Arena and even out the playing field.

    Special Knuckle Mastery
    Requirement: Mp 100 -> Fp 100

    SKM Resource Change
    -Requested Suggestions #598, #623 and #640