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Patch Notes 11.02.21

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  • Patch Notes 11.02.21

    -Voter's Buff will now persist after death as was intended,
    -Fixed Guild War bug,
    -Guild War on channel 1 only,
    -Fixed issue with Yolo Casual Set having different textures,
    -Re-Stat Scrolls now has its own cooldown timer seperate from other scrolls,
    -Re-Stat Scroll cooldown has been increased to 60 seconds.

    Secret Room:

    In addition to the current reward system each participant will now receive the following:
    -1st Place guild - 200 Event Chips and 5 Secret Room Reward Boxes
    -2nd Place guild - 100 Event Chips and 3 Secret Room Reward Boxes
    -3rd Place guild - 50 Event Chips and 1 Secret Room Reward Boxes

    -Added Secret Room Reward Box
    Box includes one of the following:
    -Small Remantis x50
    -Remantis x50
    -Red Chips x500/x750/x1000
    -Monster Hunter Tokens x500/x750/x1000
    -Blue Chips x250/x500
    -Black Neko Mask
    -Blue Neko Mask
    -Red Neko Mask
    -Chroma Acid Wing Mask
    -Chroma Blood Wing Mask
    -Chroma Ice Wing Mask
    -VelKoz Pet
    -Battlecast VelKoz Pet
    -DefinitelyNot VelKoz Pet
    -Marine Set (M)/(F)
    -Casual Secret Set (M)/(F)
    -Casual Wear Set (M)/(F)
    -Pirate King Set (M)
    -Pirate Empress Set (F)
    -Pirate Cloak
    -Empress Cloak
    -Marine Cloak
    -Secret Cloak
    -Frost Tiger [GMount]
    Black Neko Mask Blue Neko Mask Red Neko Mask Chroma Acid Wing Mask Chroma Blood Wing Mask Chroma Ice Wing Mask
    VelKoz Pet Battlecast VelKoz Pet DefinitelyNot VelKoz Pet Marine Set (M) Marine Set (F) Casual Secret Set (M)
    Casual Secret Set (F) Casual Wear Set (M) Casual Wear Set (F) Pirate King Set (M) Pirate Empress Set (F) Pirate Cloak
    Empress Cloak Marine Cloak Secret Cloak Frost Tiger [GMount]
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