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Additional Patch Notes 11.11.2020

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  • Additional Patch Notes 11.11.2020

    Patch from 11/11/2020

    Damn! We were so Busy, that we forgot to tell the World what else we have all added!
    He are some little Changes we applied aswell.

    Quality of Life Changes
    1. Staff Members do have an own Chat Color to Prevent from Scammers (GMs / DEV's = Blue, Admins = Red)
    2. Colored the 'Staff Guild' Blue to Prevent from Scammers
    3. All Player Shops are Colored BLUE by default, when Opening the Name turns RED.

    PVP / Siege Changes (applys for FFA aswell)
    1. Disabled Slow Walking (Pressing X)
    2. Fixed Slayer Hit Calculation (Your Damage might be low now, Balance Team will adjust it in the Upcomming Days)

    FFA Changes (Anonymouse Mode)
    1. Removed everything from the Status Bar (Buffs, Pets etc)
    2. Removed Glow effects in general while Siege is Running
    3. Removed ability to use Name Colors
    4. Removed ability to use Emotes or any Animations
    5. Player do not show third Class Names anymore but 2nd (As example, Slayer or Templar = Mercenary)
    6. Removed ability to use the Chat as participant
    7. Removed ability to use the Mini Map
    8. Register Window is Anonymous aswell now