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Patch notes 10.11.20

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  • Patch notes 10.11.20

    Awakening Prowling Beasty Event
    From now till 20th November
    Prowling Beasty's will spawn almost anywhere* and have a chance to drop Secret Room Scroll Chance Box (Contains UAS, EAS or CSR)

    50% EXP And Penya Weekend Event
    From 20th November till 23rd November
    50% Penya and 50% EXP

    Cheeky Monkey Event
    From 24th November till 30th November
    Take the Quest available at Flaris Mayor and find and kill Cheeky Monkeys* for Golden Banana rewards! (Golden Banana is a consumable which gives you +25% to Penya Drops for 2 hours!)

    *Mobs will spawn anywhere where mobs currently spawn on any map except Instances.

    Halloween Event:
    Halloween has now finnished. The Halloween Map and Blinks have been removed. All towns have been restored.

    You can still find the NPC's in Darkon to allow you to finnish any quests and spend any remaining tokens! All tokens/quest items will be deleted in the next patch.

    Other Changes:
    -Repriced Scroll of Transfer-Awakening Piece from 1000 ToB to 650 Tob.