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Patch Notes 10.09.20

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  • Patch Notes 10.09.20

    50% EXP and Penya Weekend Event
    Begins on Friday 11th September and will run until Sunday 13th September.
    Enjoy 50% extra EXP and penya drops in this extended weekend event!

    Kirby Hunter Event
    Begins on Monday 14th September and will run until Sunday 20th September.
    Hunt and kill Kirbys which will spawn randomly around all maps (Excluding Instances) for some sweet exp!

    -Added 5 new Jumping achievements.
    -100/1,000/10,000 Jumping achievements will reward you with 5/20/30 Event Chips
    -100,000 Jumping achievement will reward you with 50 Event Chips and a new Totoro Pet.
    -1,000,000 Jumping achievement will reward you with:
    -250 Event Chips,
    -A new Honey Bee Dog Mount,
    -A permenant +25 Jumping Height Stat,
    -The Title: Manic
    Totoro Pet Honey Bee Dog Mount

    More Achievements are in the works for next patch.

    Oroth Domain Changes
    -[Dragon Lord]Oroth will no longer summon Forest Nymphs,
    -Forest Nymphs are now map spawns with 5 min respawn time,
    -Forest Nymphs AoE range has been halved,
    -[Dragon Lord]Oroth is now a stationary boss and will do range attacks,
    -[Dragon Lord]Oroth Min/Max attack dmg has been increased,
    -Fixed [Dragon Lord]Oroth not double hitting on attacks like intended,
    -[Dragon Lord]Oroth HP has been increased,
    -Small decrease to Oroth Domain levelling mobs min/max attack damage,
    -Small decrease to Oroth Domain levelling mobs HP,
    -Small Increase to Oroth Domain levelling mobs EXP,
    -Halved all levelling mobs natural armour,
    -Increased agro rate of all levelling mobs,

    There is a plan in works to move [Dragon Lord]Oroth into its own instance, will probably be ready in a week or so.

    Shades Rift Changes
    Reworked mob levels, instead of all mobs being level 350 the mobs levels are more spread out as the following
    -Booshroom's are now level 300
    -Gooshroom's are now level 305
    -Doomshroom's are now level 310
    -Nor'Koth's are now level 315
    -Sherdal's are now level 320
    -Mokomoko's are now level 325
    -Fuwafuwa's are now level 330
    -Fluffy's are now level 335
    -Camahueto's are now level 340
    -Arachnis's are now level 345
    -Hamadryades's/Druantia's/Shadow Priest's remain level 350
    while penya drops are set all the same between the mobs, the level spread means your not stuck in Forgotten island farming at reduced rates if your somewhere between 305-350

    Secret Room Changes
    -Added a new SR Shop NPC,
    -All SR mobs are now level 350,
    -Asmodan now has a chance to drop Fractured Dragon Lord Weapon/Armor,
    -Increased the max amount of Blue Chips you gain from killing mobs via the Secret Room Blue Chip Quest!
    -Increased the max amount of Event Chips you gain from killing the Mid/End Boss via the Secret Room Event Chip Quest!

    Levelling room changes:
    -The Spirits recently hired a home designer who decided to remove the none load bearing walls for a more open plan approach,
    -Changed around spawns, you will see a increase in 500k/1mil spirit spawns and a slight decrease in weapon spirit spawns
    -Weapon Spirit level increased to 350
    -1mil Att Spirit level increased to 350

    Other Changes
    -Character Scaling will now stop at 300,
    -Failing to finish a full run in colosseum causes a penalty to the points you receive, this was not a bug but was part of the fix for the colosseum exploit. We have updated the failed screen to show your end points with penalty applied,
    -Item lock has been moved from right click to Shift+Right click,
    -Updated ordering of Item sorting,
    -Pang Teleport for Saintmorning and Darkon 2 have been moved to more centralised locations in the towns,
    -Altered Pocket Pang Menu Order,
    -You can no longer Guild War on channel 2,
    -Some of the new titles have been changed,
    -You can now use the following characters in shop names - > < . \ , ~ [ ]

    -Fix bugged which prevented spawning of buff pangs in area while siege was happening,
    -Fixed visual bug with player window showing -exp%,
    -Fixed being able to use a trans item while mounted,
    -Fixed siege giving to much exp per kill,
    -Fixed issue where if a mob agro'ed you but was also attacked by another player you could not attack the agro'ed monster
    -The Test Weapons which should not of been available in BoBoChan have been removed and set to be deleted.
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