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Patch Notes 1/9/20 Insanity V2!

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  • Patch Notes 1/9/20 Insanity V2!

    The expedition team investigating the recent dragon sightings have uncovered a new area east of the Valley of the Risen! With the help of the player's funding from the previous event, the team has managed to set up a new town in the area with everything you will ever need!

    Initial research has shown the monsters in this area are a higher level than previously thought, and as a result of this the players must become stronger too! Level all the way to 350 to take on these new monsters!

    To further help research the area a new Quest Office has been set up to help the town and collect new Questies the monsters may drop! (each quest will give you an EXP% reward, and are limited to certain level ranges so do them when they are available!).

    You can use the Buff Pang teleport or a Blinkwing to get to the new area!
    New Monsters
    Forest Blossom Spirit - 305 Forest Toxic Mushroom - 310 Forest Flower Princess - 315 Forest Stone Guardian - 320
    Forest Tree Gorilla - 325 Forest Enchanted Pitbull - 330 Forest Scythe Scarecrow - 335 Forest Tree Rock - 340
    Forest Enchanted Fairy -345 Forest Enchanted Mage - 350 [Dragon Lord]Oroth - 350 Additional Info
    [Dragon Lord]Oroth:
    World Boss - Respawns ever 3 hours.
    -I Killed A Boss Box
    -Monster Hunter Tokens
    -Dragon Lord Tooth (Questie)
    -Blue Chips
    -Golden Keys
    -Baruna Runes
    -Scroll of Rarity Change
    -Mordor Weapons (Transmute)
    -Dragon Lord Wing Mask
    -Fractured Dragon Lord Weapon
    -Fractured Dragon Lord Armor

    All area mobs:
    Will drop new unique questies you can use for quests or to level up guilds/pet feed
    Boss Drops Item Looks
    New Transmute Weapons
    Mordor Axe Mordor Big Axe Mordor Sword Mordor Slayer Mordor Knuckle
    Mordor Stick Mordor Staff Mordor Wand Mordor Bow Mordor Yo-Yo
    Mordor Shield Mordor FM Shield Mordor Book
    New 350 Stated Items

    Fractured Dragon Lord Pieces drop from various Boss monsters and can be exchanged at the Piece Puzzler NPC.

    New 350 Armor Sets
    Dragon Lord Warrior Set (M)/(F) Dragon Lord Paladin Set (M)/(F) Dragon Lord Assassin Set (M)/(F) Dragon Lord Sniper Set (M)/(F)
    Melee Block+10%
    Melee Block+15%
    Bow Range+30%
    Ranged Block+15%
    Dragon Lord Angelic Set (M)/(F) Dragon Lord Champion Set (M)/(F) Dragon Lord Warlock Set (M)/(F) Dragon Lord Sorcerer Set (M)/(F)
    All Elements+20
    Reflect Damage+10%
    Spell Flux+5%
    Force Master
    Ranged Block+15%
    Melee Block+40%
    Spell Flux+14%
    Spell Flux+9%
    New 350 Weapons/Wing
    Dragon Lord Axe Dragon Lord Big Axe Dragon Lord Sword Dragon Lord Big Sword Dragon Lord Knuckle
    Ranged Block+40%
    Melee Block+40%
    Force Master
    Dragon Lord Stick Dragon Lord Staff Dragon Lord Wand Dragon Lord Bow Dragon Lord Yo-Yo
    Dragon Lord Paladin Shield Dragon Lord Champion Shield Dragon Lord Warlock Book Dragon Lord Sorcerer Plushie Dragon Lord Angelic Shield
    Force Master
    Ranged Block+30%
    Melee Block+30%
    Ranged Block+25%
    Dragon Lord Wing Mask

    Many players have waited for this for a looong time, and it is finally here -- FREE FOR ALL SIEGE!

    This huge expansion is not only huge for PVE players. We coded a complete new Siege mode where you fight against everyone, friends a foes alike!

    Since we can now get to a higher level, you don't need to get PVE gear to reach the new level cap! In addition to Siege Chip rewards, each kill will also give you 0.3% EXP. So be a beast and get leveling! Also, the level differences do not have any influence in the PVP gameplay, so it's fair for everyone!

    Last but definitely not least:
    We implemented in-game Siege Logs, so no more struggle with the Logs on our website!
    To view the logs in-game speak with the Rankings NPC and select Rankings. Double click the relevant time to bring up the Siege log of that event.

    FFA Siege and Guild Siege New Timetable
    To fit in the new FFA Siege we have had to rework the timetable that was dominated with Guild Siege. As an initial timetable the following has been done.

    Guild Siege:
    Will run 3 times a day every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (6am/2pm/7pm Server times)

    FFA Siege:
    Will run 3 times a day every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (6am/2pm/7pm Server times)

    Other Siege Changes:
    -1vs1 Siege has been removed,
    -Kills in siege now give 0.3% exp per kill,
    -PvP damage reduction for 300-350 removed for siege,
    -Siege Shop is now its own NPC so it is accessible from all channels,
    -Re-arranged NPCs so they are not standing on top of each other,
    -Removed all dialog options on Siege NPCs,
    -Changed how the names of Siege NPCs are displayed,
    -Repriced Celestial sets to 35k SC (prev 70k SC),
    -Repriced Divine weapons/shields to 21k SC (prev 42k SC),
    -Repriced Pokemon Pets to 10k SC (Prev 25k SC),
    -Repriced Twinkle Star Mask to 12.5k SC (Prev 25k SC),
    -Repriced Cloaks to 10k SC (Prev 15k Sc),
    -Repriced Flying mount to 5k SC (Prev 15k),
    -Repriced Cloak of The Phoenix to 12.5k SC (Prev 20k SC),
    -Repriced Ukulele Cloak's to 2k SC (prev 5k SC),
    -Repriced Thief Swords Cloak to 2k SC (prev 5k SC),
    -Repriced Martial Keypiano Cloak to 2k SC (prev 5k SC),
    -Removed 76 UAS Box,
    -Added Phoenix Jewelry Set,
    -Added Arbol Jewelry Set,
    -Added Siege Scroll Chance Box (May contain UAS/EAS/CSR),
    -Added the following:
    Cloud Crawler Magma Crawler Void Crawler Teddy Bear Cloak Chef Teddy Cloak
    Mordor Protector Set (M) Mordor Protector Set (F) Mordor Guardian Set (M) Mordor Guardian Set (F)

    Over the years the average age of our Community has grown along with the back pains, so it's time to introduce different means of transport!

    You can now get your Personal Mount and walk, run and frolic with it through Madrigal! We got a few Mounts to start, but rest assured, there will be many more in the future!

    These mounts run across the ground instead of fly, and will provide a faster means of traversing land!

    Some of the new Mounts are dual purpose and will allow ground travel as well as flying. To make everything easier for you all, mounts which can only travel on land will have the [GMount] Tag in the name. If they can do both ground and fly travel they will have the [DMount] Tag.

    To alternate between ground and flying while on a [DMount] right click the equipped Mount in your inventory to bring up a menu to allow you to switch.
    The New Mounts will be spread out over the rest of the patch notes! Keep an eye out for them!

    The Achievement System is an extension of both quests and the old title system! Complete preset tasks for new rewards, titles and much more!
    you can access the achievement system through the bottom left menu > information or via the Achievements button on the Q quest window!

    Achievements will mostly reward Event Chips (Non-Tradeable), howere you will find some will reward you with new Perm titles!

    We have many more achievements in the pipeline to add but you can start exterminating Madrigal Mobs to get started!

    Please note any Reward box given by achievement system will give you a version of the particualr reward in one of the colour verients.

    Below you will fine preview for some of the things you can earn with Achievements!
    Reward Previews
    Scroll of Dragon Lord Auras Pink Crescent Moon Cloak Purple Crescent Moon Cloak Earth Flash Lightning Flash Frost Flash
    Horned Dragon Lizzard Red Evil Pup Brown Evil Pup Frost Evil Pup Fiery Evil Pup Sapphire Cross Cloak
    Citrine Cross Cloak Emerald Cross Cloak Diamond Cross Cloak Ice Cross Cloak

    Gear Scoring
    For people who like arbitrary numbers, introducing; Gear Scores! This system will give a number to gear based on what it is, its awakes and rarity! you can check out the gear's score in its info box. The inventory will also tell you what your current setup Gear Score is!

    DPS Meter
    Pressing V will now bring up the DPS meter, this shows the damage per second of the currently targeted monster for everyone in your party! Time to see who is not pulling their weight! (I'm looking at you, Sketch)

    Item Sorting
    You can now sort all your items into an order that has been preset by yours truly! this system extends to your inventory and Bank! While you can not change the order in which stuff is sorted please feel free to leave suggestions for any changes in the suggestion section on our Discord!

    Item Locking
    You can now right click items in your inventory to lock them. When locked, the item can no longer be deleted via trash bin, dropping outside your inventory or by sacrificing it in Item Transmutation. Item lock does not stop any other type of use with the item (consuming, awakening etc).
    Item Wiki
    Introducing the Item Wiki, a nice little list of all the items that have been added to the game! you can search and preview sets and weapons by double clicking them. Please note this is a direct list of items in the games code and may contain items not available or abandoned.
    To access the Item Wiki press menu> Information
    Naming Scrolls
    Scroll of Change Pet Name
    The Scroll of Change Pet Name now works on Pick-up and Buff Pets (Available via Item Mall)

    Scroll of Change Item Name
    The Scroll of Change Item Name allows you to rename your weapons, armor and CS (Available via Item Mall)
    Quality of life changes:
    -When you hit the max penya when farming the game will now auto convert the penya to perin for you,
    -Other players pets in Colosseum and Secret Room are now invisible,
    -Stack Numbers displayed in inventory changed from 1000 to 1k / 10.000 to 10k,
    -Guild Name colors edited to brighter ones,
    -Diamonds/Rune Socketing is now instant,
    -Post Box mail sending cooldown changed from 30s to 5s,
    -Treasure chests; you can now place stacks of chests/keys into the window. The game will now fast open them all automatically for you!
    -Nearest Town Teleport (O motion) cast time reduced from 5 mins to 1 min.

    New Quests:
    -Added a new Starter Kitty 17 Quest line to Helper Demon Aviatrix, which once completed awards a [Event]14 Day Trinium Dragon Set (F)/(M),
    -Added 2 new Repeatable Quests to Buff Pang to allow people farming mobs in Forgotten Island to earn 1 day Shade Rift Robs,

    Colosseum Changes:
    -Colosseum NPC has been added back,
    -Wrath of Tartarus (hard stage 10)- Reduced stun chance,
    -Wrath of Tartarus (hard stage 10)- Reduced hp to 145b (Prev 161b),
    -Repriced Trin weapons to 2930 ToB (Prev 3750 ToB),
    -Repriced Trin shields to 2390 ToB (Prev 3150 ToB),
    -Repriced Titan sets to 2320 ToB (Prev 3000 ToB),
    -Repriced Trinium Dragon Sets to 3460 ToB (Prev 4650 ToB),
    -Added 100 UAS Box,
    -Added Moonstone Jewelry Set,
    -Added Nassen Jewellry Set.
    -Added the following:
    War Boar Cavalry War Boar Elder War Boar Chief War Boar
    Gold War Boar Winter War Boar Dirty War Boar Pink War Boar
    Mordor Fearful Set (M) Mordor Fearful Set (F) Mordor Enchanter Set (M) Mordor Enchanter Set (F)
    PvE changes:
    Shades Rift:
    -Increased Penya drop rate,
    -All normal monster levels increased to 350 with a small HP Increase,
    -Priest of Shade level increased to 350, will now drop Fractured Dragon Lord Weapon/Fractured Dragon Lord Armor instead of Fractured Celestial,

    Other Changed:
    -All Fractured drop chances have been increased by x2,
    -Dark Alpaca will now drop Fractured Celestial Weapon/Fractured Celestial Armor instead of Tenshi/Malefic,
    -Kevin The Pig will now drop Fractured Celestial Weapon/Fractured Celestial Armor instead of Tenshi/Malefic,
    -Bedrock Essence level increased to 350, will now drop Fractured Dragon Lord Weapon/Fractured Dragon Lord Armor instead of Tenshi/Malefic.

    Secret Room:
    -Removed Secret Room UAS Chance Box,
    -Added Secret Room Scroll Chance Box (May contain UAS/EAS/CSR).
    -Added the following:
    Crystal Armored Crawler Blood Armored Crawler Bowtied Foxes Cloak Pupback Cloak
    Mordor Sadistic Set (M) Mordor Sadistic Set (F) Mordor Assassin Set (M) Mordor Assassin Set (F)
    [GM Event] Reward Shop:
    -Added the following:
    Dragon Fairy Mordor Hound Floating Cats Cloak Dancing Cats Cloak
    Mordor Caster Set (M) Mordor Caster Set (F) Mordor Earthbinder Set (M) Mordor Earthbinder Set (F)
    Other Changes:
    -All quests which have a max level requirement of 300 have been increased to 350 (Excluding all current quest which gives out Exp % Rewards),
    -The Glow Aura Window (B) has been cleaned up,
    -Title Giving Items that were available in RC shop have all been removed and are no longer available, any remaining title items have been deleted.

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed Awake Collecting Box exchange text error,
    -Fixed Captain Bearnerky name typo.

    In addition to the Naming Scrolls mentioned above the following has also been added to Item Mall:
    New Mounts:
    War Admiral Cerberus Pup Thanksgiving Turkey Royal Griffin
    Tame Zebra Disco Donkey Blue Racer Bike Black Lamb Oh
    Crypt Golem Golden Pegasus Light Speed Sword Purple Light Speed Sword
    Bearily Cosmic Steed Golden Crescent Moon Silver Crescent Moon
    Animated Cloaks:
    Holy Cross Cloak Cursed Cross Cloak Crescent Bunny Cloak Zero-G Kittens Cloak Zero-G Cubs Cloak
    Aura Glows:
    Scroll of Cursed Flame Auras Scroll of Fireworks Auras Scroll of Flame Strike Auras Scroll of Matrix Auras Scroll of Ultra Strike Auras
    CS SETS:
    Traditional Spring Set (F) Undercover Ball Set (F) Pikachu Set (F) Succubus Set (F)
    Succubus Wing Mask Holy Warrior Light Set (M) Sett Set (M)

    Force Master:
    Disenchant -750 INT, -10% pvp absorb -> -350 INT, -10% pvp absorb

    Lighting Mastery: +30% Electricity -> +100 DEX, +30% Lightning Mastery

    Nature Call: +150 Sta, -250% pvp damage -> +100 Sta

    Sword Cross: 1.5x scaling -> 2.0x scaling

    Siege Pang: 10 minute buffs -> 60 minute buffs

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    General Changes:
    *Fixed Instances not allowing any player over level 300 to enter,
    *Fixed bug with Colosseum not giving out the correct amount of ToB,
    *Fixed bug with Darkon 3 Achievements asking you to kill Master Muffrin instead of Great Chef Muffrin,
    *Fixed a bug causing AOE Spell to change a monsters ownership to the caster,
    *Fixed a bug causing Pet names not to be transferred when transmuted,
    *Treasure boxes will no longer system shout item rewards,
    *Flaris Buff Pang Teleport option now goes to North Flaris instead of East Flaris,
    *Fixed the menu ordering of buff pang so its back to how it used to be,
    *Fixed main inventory screen not properly displaying Gear Scores with 4 or more digits,
    *Fixed the bug causing gear scores of Necklaces and shields from being added to inventory total Gear Score when equipped,
    *Some minor text fixes,
    *Removed unassigned npcs from Herneos/Sanpres instances,
    *Item Lock trading visual bug fixed,
    *Increased max flight height,

    Siege changes:
    *Repriced Siege Scroll Chance Box to 50 Siege Chips,
    *Fixed tabbing issues in FFA siege,
    *Fixed issue with FFA getting stuck on score reveal,
    *Fixed an issue with being able to attack people outside the main siege area,
    *Fixed issue with starting times,
    *Hells proofed siege commands,
    *Changed FFA and Guild Siege times:-
    -Guild Siege will now run twice every day in the 1st slot and 3rd slot
    -FFA Siege will now run once per day in the 2nd slot

    New Siege features:
    *Added DC protection to siege. If you DC or leave siege you can now rejoin. However you will lose a life every 30 second while DC'ed or outside Siege.
    *Siege will still end if there is only one team with active non-dc'ed players left.

    *We Have Introduced the spectator mode from Colosseum into siege, this will hide spectators from view and will allow for spectators to get into the actions. (Spectators can now use the new option on Siege Pang to tp to the main siege arena)
    **** Note you can use the /showspectators 0 or /showspectators 1 to toggle spectators on or off ****