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Patch Notes 15.08.20 ~ Balance Changes

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  • Patch Notes 15.08.20 ~ Balance Changes

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    Since the V2.0 Expansion is delayed we decided to bring the Balance Patch earlier!
    This will give us also the opportunity to work on more balance fixes until the next Patch comes.

    * Earth Mastery: +30 earth mastery , +30% speed --> +125% hp, -500% pvp
    * Wind Mastery: +30 wind mastery, 125% hp --> +30 Wind Mastery
    * Water Mastery: +30 water mastery, 175% pve --> +30% speed, +175% pve
    * Lightning Mastery: +30 electric mastery, +500 DEX --> + 30 electric mastery,
    * Elementor Special INT Mastery: +50% PvP, +65% Projectile Speed --> +30% PvP, +75% Projectile Speed
    * Sorcerer Set of the Celestials (Arcanist) Set: Removed 10% magic defence

    Arcanists used to have Ratios which were from another Planet. The Removal of HP was and is definitely needed. We Increased their Projectile Speed to let them not Stack their Attacks anymore like a Menta. When the HP nerf seems to be too much, we stepwise add some of it back

    * Crucio Spell: Increased Projectile Speed to 55%
    * Divine Warlock Shield: 50% speed --> 80% speed

    Mentalists were not able to get Max Speed without using extra Bead for it like all other Classes. We gave them some Speed so they can use other Beads. That indirectly buffed their Ratios. We gave them a new Projectile speed to be finally able to stack their Attacks like they should

    * Shield Bash -> Increased Stun Duration time to 2 Seconds
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