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Patch Notes 28.03.2020 - Balance Changes

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  • Patch Notes 28.03.2020 - Balance Changes

    Rebalance Notes Global

    These changes are not final! Visit our Discord to make suggestions for changes.

    HP of all classes got reverted to the previous state.

    -Revert -5% HP Base Scaling

    Reason: The -5% HP base scaling made Harle HP the weakest among every class. Prior to the nerf they were already at a distinct HP Disadvantage with the -HP debuffs from both Special YoYo Mastery and Enchant Iron. Skill

    ADOCH Crack shooter
    - -5% Bow Range
    - -5% Projectile Speed

    ADOCH Slayer
    -One Hand Mastery: 120% ADOCH , 50% HP -> 20% ADOCH, 50% HP

    Reason: ADOCH slayer dmg scaling is expotentially high, (capping out to a 4th hit of 18m or 3.5m if blocked). On the opposite side, due to their high DPS potential ADOCH slayers can also have extremely high amounts of HP and still have killable damage to kill a player in 8m+ HP while their target is in HP Swap. To mitigate this effect, a loss of ADOCH for slayers to make a decision between extremely high HP and extremely high DPS.

    Skill slayer
    -DX Dmg increase by 10%

    Reason: Introduction it 7 swap increased ratios massively, in recent history skill slayer dx has lost so much damage that it is actually weaker than Harle HoP. The difference being

    Skill Slayer has no dmg advantage over harlequins and doesn’t have as much survivability either. The class is currently obsolete by comparison. Increase in the damage will make it playable again

    Skill Templar
    -Remove DML cd,
    -Remove pushback capability of Power Swing

    Reason: DML is the only skill for PvP. Adding a cd reduced their DPS by at least 50%, removing any true killing potential for the class in pvp. If cd cannot be improved DML dmg should be increase 20% to make it stronger than HoP. Power Swing pushback displaces targets in siege and causes position de-synchronization

    Asal FM
    -Return Jump Height back to

    Reason: Jump height is a player preference, no true reason for removal from Force Masters.

    - Eva Storm Slow nerfed to 5% from 50%
    - CM -25%mdef -> -20% mdef

    Reason: Eva slow provides Arcanist with multiple slowing capabilities inside siege. In SR it makes the mobs movement incredibly slow. Given all the -mdef skills for Arcanist, CM -25%mdef makes their dps extremely high. Also opens up too much viability to CM + Meteor + Sand Storm instant range damage.

    - replaced scream effect to -5% hp instead of -10% mdef.

    Reason: Mentalists ability to stack two -mdef debuffs on a single target drastically increases their ratios. Melee ADOCH classes such as slayer, templar, and force master currently cannot outplay a mentalist due to the two roots + stacking capability of bombs, aether, square, and debuff