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Patch Notes 2.3.20

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  • Patch Notes 2.3.20

    *The Mistress Card Event has now ended.The NPC will be sticking around for abit longer, All cards apart V and S(which will still be offered for a short time) are no longer available to obtain.
    All cards will be set to delete when The Card Mistress NPC is removed so use them now!

    *Re-Stat price lowered to 150mil (from 250mil),
    *You are now limited to 1 shout per min,

    *We have implemented a minimal distance between player shops,
    *Made some improvements to the New Market Map,

    Swapping Changes:
    *Added a new option to Inventory for PvP Swapping.
    The previous Swapping System can no longer be used in siege but is still available unchanged for all other aspects of the game.

    The new PvP swapping option can be used in seige but is limited to only 5 Items + Pickup Pet + Raised Pet + Consumable.

    All swapping now has a 4 second Cooldown.

    *Fixed bug allowing Event/Soul Linked items being passed between shared banks,
    *Fixed bug with not being able to remove event/non tradeable items from bank,
    *Fixed a bug with banks causing client crashing,
    *Fixed bug with fire mastery not absorbing any magical damage,
    *Fixed bug with 80% block not giving true 80%,
    *Fixed a bug where leveling to 300 was not giving the right amount of stat Points without a re-stat,
    *Fixed a bug that caused newly dropped templar weapons not to gain any weapon level stats
    *Fixed various Skill errors,
    *Fixed a bug in siege where you could propose to see peoples names,
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