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  • Patch Notes 29.02.20


    Trade in Saintmorning has attracted the attention of the Dwarpets, and as such a Dwarpet Castle has appeared just outside Saintmorings city limits. The Dwarpets have "negotiated" with the Mayor of SainCity and all trade in Saintmorning has been stopped to be re-directed into the Dwarpet Market.
    You can access the new Market area via a Market Blink ​​​​sold at all buff pangs or via the front door located just outside Saint Morning.
    The market place is split into 2 sections.
    Tthe 1st section is where you will teleport into. This area is exclusively for NPC shops only. Alot of NPC's have moved in already ahead of the switchover. The corridor will take you to the 2nd section.
    The 2nd section is exclusively for player shops! Only a Buff Pang and a teleport back to the 1st section are located here.
    The Mayor of SainCIty apologies for any inconvenience.

    Item Linking
    Item linking is now here! Ctrl-Left Click an item in your inventory to create the link in the chat window.

    Press enter when your happy with your message.

    Clicking a link will bring up the info box for that item!

    Item Swapping
    Introducing Item Swapping! This system will allow you to save equipment loadouts you can swap to at the press of a button!

    To get started click the new swap icon thats in your inventory.

    This will load up the new Equipment Swap Window. From this window you can set upto 5 loadouts!

    You can click and drag the items you want in your loadout into the correct slots, or you can press the Copy Equipment button to copy your current Inventory loadout into the Equipment Swap window.

    The item swapping includes option to swap your Buff pet and your Raised Pet.
    There is 1 slot for consumables! Any consumable in this slot will be consumed if able (For example Remantis/ Holy Scroll).

    Name your loadout and save!

    Cooldown on swapping is 3 seconds

    Once saved your loadout will appear in your list. (When making additional loadouts make sure the list is set to New Loadout so you do not overwrite your current Loadout)

    You can select and delete your loadouts at anytime!

    When your loadout is ready select it in your list and click a drag the Swap Icon into one of your taskbars.


    General Change
    *Increased Inventory size,
    **Note: Due to how equipped items work this change will make all your characters naked. Your items will instead be in your inventory.**
    *Increased Bank and Guild Bank size,
    *Private shop perin limit increased from 50k to 500k
    *UAS - increased chance for 3 lines,
    *L Icon no longer shows on level 300 Characters,
    *Guild Creation fee increased,
    *Soul Linked Equpitment can no longer be banked,
    *Changed colour of the system Help Messages,
    *Moved Almani NPC in darkon, why he is standing in the middle of the path is anyones guess and he was annoying me,
    *The system messages when using Rairity Scrolls will now match the colour of the rarity,

    *Added Anti-Soul Link Scroll to Secret Room Shop,
    *Re-Stat price increased to 250mil (from 2.5mil),
    *Refresher Hold price increased to 2.5mil (from 1mil),
    *Vital Drink X price increased to 2.5mil (from 1 mil),
    *Scroll of Selected Party price increased to 10mil (from 1 mil),
    *30 Day Full Shout price increased to 100mil (from 10mil),
    *Activition price increased to 2mil (from 500k),
    *30 Day common bank increased to 200mil (from 20mil),
    *Upcut Stone increased to 2.5mil (from1mil),
    *Transy price increased to 50mil (from 5mil),
    *Enhanced Party Skill Range 30 increased to 100mil (from 8mil),
    *Scroll of Private Custody price increased to 5mil (from 500k),
    *Scroll of Reversion price increased to 250k (from 100k),

    *Card Mistress event will be ending on the 2nd March,
    *Ghost of Love Event has ended........ 5 days late lol.

    Raised Pets
    *Dragons now give ADOCH (9/9/9/9/9 gives 180% ADOCH)
    *Griffins now give IA (9/9/9/9/9 gives 40% IA)
    *Unicorns now give PvE (9/9/9/9/9 gives 60% PvE)

    *Added Banker, Scroll Shop and Peach Npc's

    * Replaced anonymous siege player names with their class name even if it repeats (Forcemaster , Seraph , Slayer , etc),
    *Only guild name of guildies are displayed, everyone else name will display without a guild name,
    *A new Siege Buff pang has been placed in the center of the map, this will give 10 min version of the Pocket Pang Buffs on clicking him,
    *Buff pets/raised pets transmutes do not show up in siege anymore,
    *Reworked the way individual rewards are calculated. This change also fixes the recent x10 bug,
    *2nd and 3rd place rewards have been increased compaired to previous system.

    *Cooldown lowered to 3 hours (from 4 hours),
    *Increased max score on Easy mode to 5,000(prev 1,400),
    *Increased max score on Medium mode to 26,250(prev 13,585),
    *Lowered Stun chance of all Hard mobs down to 15% (from 30%),
    *Lowered Stun chance of all Legendary mobs down to 20% (from 30%),
    *Easy Mode price decrease to 5mil (from 7mil),
    *Medium mode price increase to 30mil (from 22mil),
    *Hard mode price increase to 175mil (from 164mil),
    *Legendary mode price increase to 450mil (from 375mil),

    Dark Traseia
    *Mobs are now level 300 so will no longer have level drop penalty on them,
    *Spawns have been increased,
    *Agro rates of mobs have been increase,

    *IKEA Box will now give 30 Small Remantis/10 Remantis instead of 5,
    *I Killed A Boss Box now has a chance to give:
    • 1x Anti-Soul Link Scroll
    • 100x Epic Awake Scrolls
    *Added more [Event] Bosses for use in invasions,
    *Cove and Catacombs cooldowns reduced to 10 hours(Prev 12 hours),
    *Small increase to CESS and PvE parts in Cove and Catacombs,
    *Small increase on drops rates on Crypt Boss,
    *Doubled Blue chip drop amount on all bosses,
    *All bosses now have a chance to drop upto 2 IKABB,
    *Increased all boss monster penya drops:
    • Sanpres 1+2, The Wilds/Savage Wilds, Turtle King, Serus Uriel and all Rangdas will now drop between 100~110mil,
    • Herneos 1+2, Aminus/Cursed Aminus Dungeon, Clockwork, Red Meteonyker, Ivillis Leanes, Chief Keokuk and Iblis's Peretrator will now drop between 160~170mil,
    • Upresia 1/2, Ankou's Asylum, Kalgas Cave, General Razgul, Basilisk, Bedrock Essence, Dark Alpaca and Kevin The Pig will now drop between 210~220mil,
    • Asmodan, Priest of Shade, Underground Crypt, Catacombs of Anguish and Crystal Cove will now drop between 220~230mil.
    All the above penya drops are the base rates before any level penalties or +% penya is added.

    *Fixed a bug with Kalgas missing an egg,
    *Teleporting to invasion map will now de-spawn your pickup/buff pets,
    *Items set to delete at the end of events will no longer be safe in your bank, post box or Guild bank,
    *Fixed issue with battle music option not working (Will now only work when actually fighting, buffing will no longer trigger it),
    *Fixed Herneos, Sanpres and Upresia monster sounds,
    *Fixed Herneos, Sanpres and Upresia loading screens,
    *Fixed issues where ESC does not stop your character from auto attacking,
    *Psykeeper Auto attacks are no longer dependant on item effect slider in options.

    Asal FM:
    Prevention reverted to before patch so it fully heals except the DEX is 250 now instead of 350

    Special Bow Mastery reverted back to 240% IA since i was meant to edit DevSting ADOCH
    Devastating Stick now gives from 250% ADOCH to 330% ADOCH

    Spirit Bomb hits harder now

    Divine Prosperity now gives 600 DEX from 500 DEX

    First blood from -75% speed debuff to -125% speed debuff and it has 9 sec CD from 13 sec CD
    Blessing of war now gives a 120 STA increase
    special one hand mastery now gives 120% ADOCH and 70% HP
    Slayers attack speed increased by 16.6% faster

    attack speed 23.5% slower

    Fire Mastery to 19 seconds CD from 15 seconds
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  • #2
    Patch #2

    ~Fixed Mercenary/Templar Skills,
    ~Fixed Templar weapons not showing in shops
    ~Fixed World cards not spawning
    ~Fixed Private Shops automatically typing
    ~Fixed issue with Swap Pet Delay
    ~Fixed Copy Equipment issue on Slayers
    ~Fixed HP display issue caused by unequipped and reequipped Swords
    ~You can now Bank Event/Soul linked items however they can not be moved between characters/character banks