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Patch Notes 21.02.20

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  • Patch Notes 21.02.20

    During the last few weeks we have had mass bans and issues with people doing naughty stuff. You may find alot of people have been unbanned now. Along with these unbans come the following:
    *All ingame items with awakes which are impossible to achieve had been removed,
    *All ingame items with suspect awakes have also been removed,
    *All raised pets which are above 9/9/9/9/9 have been reset to 1/1/1/1/1,
    *All prems which should not of be obtainable have been turned into potatoes,
    *The sneaky skill edits have been fixed,
    *We plugged the exploit in our systems that caused the above issues.

    All item deletions ofc include bank mail and guild house bank.

    I would like to remind you all while account sharing is not against our rules, it will not be accepted as a reason to unban you. You will be held accountable for the actions of people you share your account with, and also the people they also share with and the people those people share with and so on and so on.

    Also if you character feels abit weird, that is the after effects of me logging in to them and prodding around ;)

    *Incase you missed - Super Lover Boxes will now drop again until the 23rd Feb,
    *Anonymous Siege has been re-enabled,
    *Updated Siege winning Guild and MVP icons,
    *UAS to EAS exchange has now ended,
    *Added 100x EAS and CSR boxes to boxer NPC,
    *Increased K Card drop rate,
    *Increased A Card drop rate,
    *Increased D Card drop rate.

    *Guild house issues should now be fixed.

    ~ Fixed eric rigged skills, if any left let me know.

    ~ removed the debuff -10% block from sonichand
    ~ prevention proc from 120% to 60% , 500 DEX from 450 DEX boost
    ~ -10% pvp dmg from shade calamity
    ~ asal cd from 11 sec to 10 sec

    ~ special one hand mastery gives now 180% ADOCH and 70% HP from 60% adoch / 50% hp
    ~ UD skill from -400% IA to -350% IA

    ~ ADOCH on special bow mastery increased from 240% to 320%
    ~ Bow Mastery from 50% PvE dmg to 90% PvE dmg
    ~ Devastating Sting 30% HP increased

    ~ Wind mastery +25% extra hp increased
    ~ Fire Mastery cooldown from 12 seconds to 15 seconds

    ~ Two hand mastery -15% HP increase from total 150% to 135% nerf

    ~ RoR now from 300% PvE to 200% PvE

    ~ yoyo mastery was rigged to -50 not -80 i made it -70% hp and added from 50% pvp to 60% to be fair
    ~ enchant of iron from -30% to -20% hp
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