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Patch Notes 6.9.19

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  • Patch Notes 6.9.19

    *Fixed certain PvE cloaks not giving stats
    *Fixed the bug with Underground Crypt causing log in issues
    *Underground Crypt entrance is now active again!
    *Fixed Sleepwear Set (M)
    *Fixed High Elf Set (M)

    50% EXP And Penya Weekend Event
    Starts now till 8th September

    Gain an additional 50% experience and penya drops this weekend!

    Cheeky Monkey Event
    9th till 15th September

    Take the quest from the Mayor of Flarine and go out into the world to hunt from Cheeky Monkeys to get rewarded with Golden Banana's (when eaten will grant +25% Penya drops for 2 hours)

    0100110100110100010001110011000101000011 Event
    16th till 22nd September

    Magical Loot Crates will have a chance to drop from all monsters!

    UAS Prowling Beasty Event
    23rd till 29th September

    Find and hunt Prowling Beasts for a chance to find some UAS!