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Patch Notes 30.08.19

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  • Patch Notes 30.08.19

    *Added an Underground Crypt Blinkwing to buffpang shop which will teleport you just outside the entrance to the instance,
    *Reduced Shade Rift monster respawn time to 30 seconds (from 1 min) to match the forgotten island respawn times,
    *Reduced the amount of mobs spawning across maps to help reduce server lag. This change should not really be noticable but if it is and does negatively effect you in your faming abilities pm me on discord which which map+mob and i will consider reverting the change.

    Bug Fixes:
    *Fixed a bug with Crypt Instance where when you were kicked off the map it would place you back inside an non-instanced version instead of outside it. Puma also updated the coding relating kicking from instances with better coding to stop the issue happening in future,
    *The Server will no longer pretend everything is all flowers and rainbows when the database crashes. It will now disconnect all players from the game when it fails to communicate with the database multiple times. While we prefer for the database not to crash this change will insure player rollbacks is limited as much as possible as previously the worlds would run like nothing is wrong until people notice they cannot log in and an admin is available to shut it down.