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Patch Notes 29.6.19

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  • Patch Notes 29.6.19

    Added the following:
    Stickman Full Body Suit(F) KonoSuba Aqua Set (F) KonoSuba Darkness Set (F) KonoSuba Megumin Set (F) CeVIO One Set (F)
    Kagamine Rin Set (F) Megurine Luka Set (F) Modern Miku Set (F) Teto Kasane Set (F) Kagamine Len Set (M)
    Kaito Set (M) Deadpool Set (M) Mashmellow Set (M) One Punch Man Set (M) Skychord Destroyer Set (M)

    Secret Room:-
    Reverted last patch Monster changes

    Reverted last patch Monster changes (excluding aoe range changes)
    Lowered Scroll of Transfer-Awakening Piece price to 1500

    Dark Trasia:-
    Temporary reverted Mob stats to pre-pve rework until an alternative weapon levelling is area is sorted.

    *Forgot to add We do have plans to improove all PvE + rewards however at this time HD is currently prioirty

    Fire Mastery: CD reduced 15 to 12 seconds
    Meteor Shower: CD reduced 12 to 7 seconds; Range reduced to 3
    Elementor Special INT Mastery: 45% PvP -> 60% PvP
    Cursed Mind: 8 Second CD -> 6 Seconds
    EvA: Aoe range increased 7 -> 8
    Lightning Mastery: +300 DEX -> +350 DEX

    Explanation: After previous patches, the class felt underwhelming with their damage output.
    Due to the lack of an arcanist's utility against a majority of classes, the ratio of the class
    had to be made stronger. Lastly, because of the buff ASAL is getting to their cooldown fire mastery
    will be buffed to be used more often as well.

    Crucio Spell: 40% Projectile Speed -> 20% Projectile Speed

    Explanation: The speed of which the bombs reached a target was way too fast for the damage output it produced.

    Guard: 30% Magic Defense -> 5%
    Swordcross: duration 3 seconds -> 2 seconds
    Holy Power: 70% PvP Damage -> 60% PvP Damage
    Sneaker: CD 5 -> 7 seconds

    Explanation: The ratio of a templar is too high. This meant they didn't need the extra magic resistance to tank mages.
    However, because their ratio is already too high, their damage will also be toned down to make them less of a DPS. Swordcross
    is being toned down, so other classes don't get to use it as often.

    Ultimate Defence: CD -> 20 seconds
    Blessing of War: 3% Absorb removed

    Explanation: Slayers survivability made them feel more like a tank than a DPS, so they are getting a direct nerf.

    Counterattack: Debuffs -500% PvP Damage when stunning target
    Pandemonium: Damage increased 1.2x
    Hit of Penya: CD reduced 10 -> 8 seconds; Scaling 1.1x
    Dark Illusion: CD 23 -> 24 seconds; duration 6 -> 5 seconds; -40% PVP -> +50% PvP Absorb
    Vital Stab: Scaling .75x
    Harlequin Greeting: Scaling .7x

    Explanation: Harlequins have been plagued with the 3 combo meta for almost a year now. This change to harlequin
    will nerf that 3 combo due to the inconsistencies of it. Instead, the class will be centered more around Hit of Penya.
    They will be getting a buff to the damage and cooldown to make them use it more often. They will also have access to
    higher damage while in dark illusion, however, vital stab will be nerfed as a result. Pandemonium will be buffed for them
    as well, to help them take down higher hp targets due to the fact that the skill has the ability to stack and produce
    consistent damage. For this change, harlequins greeting as a finisher skill will be toned down. Counterattack will also be buffed
    to help outplay against projectile stacking.

    Nature's Call: -70% Adoch Removed
    Aimed Shot: 1.15x Scaling

    Explanation: Skill cracks still felt slightly underwhelming with their damage combo skills, so aimed shot will be buffed.
    The -adoch on nature's call was unnecessary due to how little it effected their damage, but also the class was still
    the worst adoch class without their projectile speed, so this will be encouraged to use more.

    Bubbles Blessing: 150 -> 200 Dex
    Ire of Iblis: 400 Dex -> 300 Dex
    Asal: 13 Sec CD -> 11 Seconds
    Prevention: 500 Dex -> 550 Dex

    Explanation: ASAL forcemasters felt really squishy with the block nerf they received in the previous patch. However because
    prevention still exists, the block being added will be split between prevention and bubbles blessing. This allows the
    forcemaster to reach max block easier with prevention, but without prevention it will only be a slight dexterity buff because
    they would have already had prevention proc'd. Adoch FM's block won't be buffed due to how strong the class is, but won't be nerfed too
    hard because of how it can effect PVE adochs. Asal will be buffed in terms of cooldown, so they can keep up with scoring if they do
    stay alive.

    Divine Prosperity: -15% Magic Defense Added

    Explanation: The tankiness of seraphs, the recent buff to gvur, and their ability to silence mages means that they have too much
    escape to survive mages. In response, magic defense will be lowered if they choose to have higher block.
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