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  • Patch Notes 29.3.19

    Its' time for part 2 of our PvE Rework. This time we are focusing on total rework of farming and levelling areas!

    Previously we had a 2 path levelling system (standard exp/drops or reduced exp/increased drops). This system has been changed and we will now focus to a 1 path levelling system- a standard levelling path for all players and set specialised farming areas for a wide range of player levels. It will now be easier to farm at different player levels! The next PvE patch(Part 3 of the PvE rework) will concentrate on Bosses and instance improvements!

    Levelling Monster change list:
    -Increased penya drop rate by x2 on all monsters in the above areas (excluding World bosses/special monsters),
    -Increased Giant monsters penya rate to be x10 of penya drop rate of their captain version,
    -Removed duplicated junk drops from Giants,
    -Heavily Increased drop rate of MHT and Keys on all Giants.
    Criminal Island Changes:
    -Increased all monster spawns,
    -Agro rate of mobs increased to 81%,
    -Slight decrease to respawn times.

    Farming Maps full change list:
    -All of the below farming areas(excluding Forgotten Island) will now provide x2.5 more penya then the equivalent level Monsters,
    -Monsters(excluding Boss) are now all level 150 (with stat changes to match),
    -Added Red Chip drops,
    Increased agro rates,
    -Monsters will now drop Red Chips,
    Mars Mine
    -Monsters (excluding Boss/giants) are now all level 200 (with stat changes to match),
    -Increased Red Chip Drop rate,
    Increased agro rates,
    -Giants will drop x4.5 more penya then counterparts, MHT and (A)/(7%) Cards will also drop,
    -Monsters are now all level 225 (with stat increases to match),
    -Monsters will now drop Red Chips and Dragon Tooth,
    -Added Red Chip drops,
    -Removed Sun+Moon and junk drops,
    -Increased agro rates,
    Ivillis Temple
    -Monsters(excluding Boss/giants) are now all level 250 (with stat changes to match),
    -Monsters will now drop Dragon Tooth,
    -Increased Red Chip Drop rate,
    -Removed Sun+Moon and junk drops,
    -Giants will drop x4.5 more penya then counterparts, MHT and Silver Keys,
    -Increased agro rates,
    -Monsters are now all level 270 (with stat changes to match),
    -Monsters will now drop NarKeni's Potion Box of the Murderous Vagrant,
    -Increased Red Chip Drop rate,
    -Removed Sun+Moon drops,
    -Increased agro rates,
    Dekane Mine
    -Monsters (excluding Boss/giants) are now all level 280 (with stat changes to match),
    -Monsters will now drop Small Remantis Laccotte,
    -Increased Red Chip Drop rate,
    Increased agro rates,
    -Giants will drop MHT and Silver Keys,
    Dark Traseia
    Monsters (excluding Boss/giants) are now all level 290 (with stat changes to match),
    -Increased Red Chip Drop rate,
    Lowered Min/Max Attack,
    Removed high magic resistance,
    Lowered all HP,
    Increased agro rates,
    Forgotten Island
    -Penya drop has been slightly increase so it matches a x3 penya equivalent to what a level 300 Monster would drop,
    -Monsters will now drop less RC (8 > 6),
    -Monsters will no longer drop suns and moons,
    -Monsters have learned how to actually use their weapons and will now hit harder,
    -Monster HP increased to 20mil (prev 15mil),
    -Flying has been disabled,
    -Fixed a few monster spawns who ignored the 100% agro rule.

    Shop Changes:
    Red Chip Shop:
    -Moved UAS Scroll from Blue Chip shop back to RC shop for 8K,
    -Added Baby Blue Splashy Pet, Baby Pink Splashy Pet and Baby Green Splashy Pet,
    -Added Love Chocolate,
    -Added Small Remantis Laccotte,
    -Removed all "Old" Scrolls.
    Baby Blue Splashy Pet Baby Pink Splashy Pet Baby Green Splashy Pet
    Monster Hunter Shop:
    -Added Minato Cloak.

    Limited Time Shop:
    -Removed Desert Spirit of the Fallen Soldier Cloak and Desert Spirit of the Commander Cloak
    -Added Cute Roulette Cloak
    -Added Dolphin Sailor Cloak
    -Added Little Tiger Cloak
    -Added ShibaInu Cloak
    Cute Roulette Cloak Dolphin Sailor Cloak Little Tiger Cloak ShibaInu Cloak
    -Stage 7- Should no longer change target!

    -All Mobs- reduced damage,
    -All Mob Skills - Reduced Range,
    -Lowered Stats of some of the bosses,
    -Stage 5 lowered Shield Bash and Cursed Mind activation chance.

    -All Mobs- reduced damage slightly.

    Map Changes:

    After years of trying to get hells to change arena maps we finally have a nice sexy new arena for you guys and girls!

    The Siege map has also received some love!

    Other Changes:
    -Removed Divine Prosperity from Pocket Pang Buffs (See balance change to skills below),
    -Rmoved Amnesia Island Ticket from level up rewards,
    -Added Herneos/Herneos2, Sanpres/Sanpres 2 and Upresia,Upresia 2 to teleporter option on buff pangs,
    -Collision fixes (you can climb up fences and stuff easier , arena edges etc)
    -SFX display fixed for siege skills casting and other places (SR left as it is due to crash issues)
    -After deleting a character, the name becomes available.
    -UAS Scroll removed from Blue Chip Shop

    General Changes:
    Wrath: 1 second duration added
    Spell Flux: 2 seconds duration added
    Max Ranged Block: Reduced 85% -> 80%*

    Explanation: due to community request and further re-evaluation these abilities will be buffed slightly because of their inconsistencies in activation. See crackshooter explanation for ranged block nerf.

    Counterattack: 75% Absorb -> 40%
    Dark Illusion: 5 second duration -> 7 seconds
    Enchant of Iron: 25% DMT -> 35% DMT
    Special Yo-Yo Mastery: 80% PVP -> 50% PVP
    Enchant of Life: -30% IA -> +5% Melee Block
    Enchant of Nature: +10 Melee Block; -20PVP -> -1000 PVE; +300% ADOCH
    Silence: 5 second CD -> 30 seconds; duration 4 -> 2.5 seconds; 75% chance -> 100% chance rate

    Explanation: The quality of life of harlequins have diminished when trying to combo with a lower DMT and DI timer in recent patches. This change is to boost quality in the expense of their damage (self buff) and survability (through counter). This way the class still stays fun, but nerfs their damage. Enchant of life will be the tool used mainly for PVE in terms of survival, but may also be used in PVP in the sacrifice of DMT. Enchant of Nature is a change for ADOCH Harlequins in PVP because their ratio's didn't need to get nerfed by the PVP nerf for skill harlequins.

    Ice Arrow: root -> -75% Speed for 5 seconds
    Poison Arrow: -15% Ranged Block Added
    Max Ranged Block: Reduced 85% -> 80%

    Explanation: The class has gained a bunch of utility and scoring potential because of the recent buffs to their DMT; the amount of skills they are blessed with means their crowd control potential isn't as needed as it used to be. Despite all of their utility, the ADOCH build itself still suffers due to their slow attack animation mixed with the higher block rate. We decided to lower the max ranged block of all classes to help assist the class in securing kills to lower its reliance on debuffs.

    Sonichand: 20 second CD -> 25 seconds
    Stone Hand: Stun chance nerfed

    Explanation: With the buff to prevention, the survivability of FM's has gone up a lot more. This means they don't need to use a stun as much as they did before in order to protect themselves.

    Cross Strike: 1.2x scaling
    Deadly X: 1.3x scaling; CD 5 -> 8 seconds
    Blessing of War: Duration increased

    Explanation: Skill slayers have struggled a lot due to the nerfs to DMT in the past which was caused because of bug concerns. This change grants them a little more of their old DPS output and grants them better counterplay to suite their role more as a DPS.

    Stone Feet: 50% Magic Defense -> 100% PVP Absorb; CD -> 20 seconds
    Psykeeper Special INT Mastery: +60% PVP -> +80% PVP

    Explanation: The intention of stone feet was to provide a defensive tool for the mentalist; however, because of the ability of other classes to interact with stone feet mixed with the CC of rooting, the class fell into a "stun bot" category. That category does not feel fun to play against. To compensate for the nerf of the skill, the class was granted more damage to compensate their ratios.

    Elementor Special INT Mastery: 80% Projectile Speed -> 85%
    Astral Moon: 1.1x Scaling
    Echoes of Weary: 1.1x Scaling
    Stone Spike: Stun chance nerfed
    Cursed Mind: duration 8 seconds -> 15 seconds

    Explanation: 1v1 Arcanists have suffered because of the rise of stats, and their ratio's never really kept up due to their scaling. To help try and revive the class, their projectile speed and bomb damage will be increased. However, the class will not receive a direct buff to their PVP damage overall because of how it effects their AOE builds. The class having low defensive abilities meant that their role as a DPS burst needed to be buffed.

    Holy Power: 40% PVP -> 70% PVP
    Guard: +20% HP -> +20% Magic Defense; Duration increased; made into a self-buff
    Sword Cross: x2 Damage -> 1.5x Damage
    Shield Bash: Duration 4 -> 1.5 seconds; CD 13 -> 18 seconds; -15% Melee Block -> -20%
    Sneaker: Duration -> 15 seconds
    Power Stomp: -750STR -> -300STR
    Power Swing: Cooldown -> 15 seconds; duration -> 2 seconds
    Special Two-Handed Mastery: 30% HP -> 150% HP; -80% PvP Absorb
    Slash: 1.5x Scaling
    Keenwheel: 1.5x Scaling
    Blindside: 1.7x Scaling

    Explanation: A templar has been plagued with the play style of a high hp "stun bot" causing a tendency for players to just play to stun and not play to win. To help fix this issue the class's stun potential with shield bash will be nerfed. Because of this change the classes scoring/killing potential will have to increase through their PvP damage self-buff. Guard will be changed to magic defense because of their low counterplay against mage classes and thus fitting their roles as holy paladins. The lingering effects of sword cross is also toned down due to the increase of base damage as well as the fact that when getting hit by the ability, it acted as a stronger holy cross for other classes to use which was quite overpowered. For two-handed templar's they will be seeing a buff in terms of their PVE HP to increase the incentive to make tanks and actually tank bosses properly. As a result, the HP for a PvP templar will be nerfed by 30%, but this is compensated by the increase in PvP Damage; their DML builds will stay near the same ratios as before. However, the HP being nerfed in PvP will also nerf the "stun bot" potential as it will be toned down for 2-Handed Templars (HP and Power Swing). It is not fun to play against, and will be nerfed accordingly. Slash, Keenwheel, and Blindside will be an available added kit for templars and potentially slayers who want to explore their usage and capabilities. (Subject to change in the future as we test out the new changes)

    Gvur Tialla: +5% Abs Removed; duration -> .1 seconds; not castable on self
    Blessing of Wiseman: +5% Abs Added
    Divine Prosperity: Target buff reworked to self-buff; 15% HP -> +300 Dex; -50% PVP Absorb
    My Precious: 10% HP -> 25% HP

    Explanation: A seraphs role as a support has been quite strong in recent months with their utility. However, with the recent buff to prevention, the class gained too much survivability to protect themselves. It should be up to the person they support to protect them not the class itself. This meant gvur would be toned down to nerf a seraph's survivability. Divine Prosperity will become a self-buff in order to help out PVE Seraphs. The HP boost will be moved to the buff "My Precious". Divine Prosperity will be removed from pocket pangs as a result.

    p.s. Happy Bday Hells ;)
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    pve re-work ^_^
    i would liek to thank Eva, Magical
    who else from staff contributed
    to the pve re-work feedback
    that madhatter used for today patches
    even so, let us know more suggestions regarding it so we can adjust it properly this year