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  • 08.03.19

    Trinium Dragon Set (M/F) Changes:
    5 Piece Trinium Dragon Set Stats will now only give:
    * Speed +25%
    * All Stats +40
    * HP + 30%
    * Increased Attack + 25%

    (6 piece set effects have not been changed (Set+Cloak+mask/wings))

    PvE Cloaks
    Pve Cloaks will now grant +40% PvE when worn with a full PvE set (previously was +20% PvE)
    (Additial stats of - +15% Penya, +1GB, PvE +40%, ALL Stat +20 and HP +35%)

    Colosseum Changes:
    *Legendary - Stage 1 and Stage 2 have been swapped around
    *Hard:- Stage 5 - Reduced Power Stomp stun duration to 3 seconds(from 10 seconds)
    *Added Colosseum Manager to all towns
    *Added 100 Token of Bravery Box/1000 Token of Bravery Box to Item Boxer

    New Pokemon Pets
    Cyndaquil Pet
    Red Chip Shop
    Jirachi Pet
    Red Chip Shop
    Tochik Pet
    Red Chip Shop
    Totodile Pet
    Red Chip Shop
    Eevee Pet
    MHT Shop
    Gengar Pet
    MHT Shop
    Snorlax Pet
    MHT Shop
    Wailord Pet
    MHT Shop
    Chikorita Pet
    GM Event Shop
    Mew Pet
    GM Event Shop
    Mudkip Pet
    GM Event Shop
    Vulpix Pet
    GM Event Shop
    Siege Shop Update!
    Admiral Crimson Cloak Admiral Dark Cloak Bunny Mantle Cloak
    Sparkle Feather Cloak Swain Dark Cloak Swain Dragonscale Cloak
    *Special Motions icons have been updated to make them stand out better
    *A few icon update of other motions
    *27 New Motions have been added!

    New Walk Animation for the following pets:

    Other Changes:
    *Changes to movement code
    *Updated Crystal Icon on items
    *Collecting: The chance of finding a Consumable Box while collecting has been increased!
    *Collecting: A Junk Piece will now stack to 100
    Counterattack: 4 seconds -> 2 second stun time

    Ultimate Defence: CD -> 17 seconds

    Elementor Special INT Mastery: 40% PVP Damage -> 55% PVP Damage