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  • Patch Notes 4.1.19

    *Jan 4th to 7th - EXP And Penya +50% And Pocket Pangs On-Strike
    -EXP and Penya is increased by 50% and Special [Event]Rioting Pang mobs will spawn* which have a chance to drop Pocket Pangs

    *Jan 7th to 13th - Its a Secret
    -Different type of Cameleon Warrior's will spawn* and will drop a varirety of items

    *Jan 14th to 20th - Kirby Hunter
    -Kirby's will spawn* these have increased EXP rewards then other mobs

    *Jan 21st to 24th - UAS Prowling Beasty
    -[Event]Prowling Beasty's will spawn* which have a chance to drop UAS

    *Jan 25th to 28th - Cheeky Monkey
    -Take the Quest available at Flaris Mayor and find and kill Cheeky Monkeys for Golden Banana rewards! (Golden Banana is a consumable which gives you +25% to Penya Drops for 2 hours!)

    *Mobs will spawn randomly anywhere other monsters spawn excluding Instances.

    *Town maps have been reverted,
    *Xmas Event is now over. You will now only find the Xmas npc's in Darkon for any remaining snow flakes/ snow balls you have remaining,
    *The NPC's and remaning quest items, snow flakes and snow balls will be removed later in the month.

    *Fixed Snow Child Pet causing your game to crash,
    *Fixed Coldy Tanuki Pet being invisible/ not working,
    *Fixed Inventory window right side/bottom being cut off.
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