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Patch Notes 21.12.18

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  • Patch Notes 21.12.18

    Xmas Event Changes:
    *Ice Dragon Boy Mobs will now drop Snow Balls instead of Snow Flakes
    *Slightly Lowered spawn rate of mobs in Xmas map
    *Slightly increased Ice Dragon Boy and Crazy Xmas Tree's attack
    *Lowered Ice Dragon and Ice Queen Aloysha's respawn time to every 1 hour (instead of 2)
    *Pinata's Level has been increased to level 145 (to stop them from dropping jewellery)

    Bug Fixes:
    *Fixed Crystal Upgrading Window bug
    *Fixed A few instances of Snowmen in the xmas instance respawing
    *Fixed an issue which caused some xmas mobs to go into a ranged attack and stop attacking
    *Fixed a text bug with The Sirens Song Repeatable quest