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[EVENT] Youtube Channel Trailer

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  • [EVENT] Youtube Channel Trailer

    It is time for a new forum event! A month ago we launched our brand new YouTube channel and at this moment we have almost 250 subscribers. There is only 1 thing missing.. a YouTube Channel Trailer! We want to give YOU the chance to make our channel trailer and win PRIZES.

    What is a Channel Trailer?
    Channel trailers work just like movie trailers, they give a preview of your channel to encourage viewers to subscribe.

    To do this, ask yourself what the unique qualities of this game are and why viewers would want to keep coming back. There are many ways to create a channel trailer, but in all cases you have to grab the viewer's attention in the first few seconds and show off the best parts of Insanity. You want to make a lasting impression on our viewers.

    What are the Requirements?
    - The video must be at least 1080p.
    - The video length can be a maximum of 1 minute!
    - Upload on a 16:9 (1.77:1) aspect ratio.
    - Make people subscribe to our channel.
    - Blow us away!

    How can I participate?
    1. Make a forum account
    2. Go to this Forum Thread (
    3. Click on Post Reply
    4. Write something about your channel trailer
    5. Add the video link in your reply

    Where should I upload my video?
    You should upload your video on YouTube and set it as Public.

    What can I win?
    First prize:
    Your video will be the Insanity channel trailer! + 20.000 iPoints + potential BONUS IP for extra effort and best outcome!
    Second Prize: 14.500 iPoints + potential BONUS IP for extra effort and best outcome!
    Third Prize: 10.000 iPoints + potential BONUS IP for extra effort and best outcome!

    YouTube channel link:

    Need more information?
    Feel free to DM me on Discord: iTwan#1312

    This event will last from Wednesday 09-09-2020 till Sunday 30-09-2020.
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    Hello. The Channel Trailer shows a quick gameplay preview of the classic mmo but with the updated contents. showing custom shop items, weapons, accessories, model viewers, and many more. It also shows an essence of mmorpg gameplay which is boss hunting with party members or friends. Showing the new end-game Oroth boss which requires a party to kill. I believe these contents would draw people into playing insanity and would invite old players to come back playing because of new contents.

    Attached is the YT link file below :)