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GTop100 Banner Contest (01/07/20 -> 19/07/2020)

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  • GTop100 Banner Contest (01/07/20 -> 19/07/2020)

    We are looking for some new GTop100 Insanity flyff banners and we wanted to give YOU the chance to create a awesome banner which we will use at the GTop100 voting website !

    Guidelines to follow:
    1. Banner size must be: 468x60 or 728x90 Pixels.
    2. Made by yourself, so no copy's from google etc..
    3. The banner must contain the name "Insanity"
    4. Limited to max. 5 banners !
    5. The banners can be with or without animations
    6. If you want some examples go to

    Judging will be based on:
    1. Creativity
    2. Originality
    3. How much effort you put in to it


    - First place: 25k ip + Banner used at GTop100
    - Second place: 15k ip
    - Third place: 7,5k ip

    if we like your.. design, we might ask you to edit or change minor parts of it to fit our ad needs.

    How to post a image?
    1. Upload your image at
    2. Copy direct link
    3. Use [IMG]direct link[/IMG]
    This event will start at: 01-07-2020 and end at: 19-07-2020
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    Hello there! I would like to submit entries for the banner contest :)

    all shots are from recordings from my character and with the help of guildmates :)

    First Entry for the contest would be this one which captures features Insanity flyff has..

    Second Entry for the contest features more on combat wars..

    Third Entry for the contest is a plain simple Insanity flyff word with changing background featuring custom maps on the server

    Fourth Entry is an image on the Red Hue Color Scheme showing Insanity flyff back in its Original color scheme of red by Hells..

    Fifth Entry shows a cooler and lighter Blue Color Scheme image.

    I separated it in order for insanity to be able to post different banners on different slots as i saw 5 slots on gtop..this allows the page to look at different banners on different slot to allow flexibility...

    sorry for the edits. having a hard time for the image to pop-up..was showing just a white box in my browser so i'm finding a way to let it show. :)
    pls hit me a message or comment if i'm doing something wrong in the posting of the image
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      Just wondering around hoping I'll win something

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        Hello, Everyone!

        I am really hoping that these designs of mine could get in to the top 3!

        Here they are!

        Banner 1

        Banner 2

        Banner 3

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          These are my entries i hope this helps the server to gather player to play

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            When uploading wont work, feel free to contact me here or at discord iTwan#1312.
            I will post your entry then !


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              Banner Entry:

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                Heres my entry kekw


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                  Zeea entry
                  Post with 3 votes and 80 views. Shared by Zeea21. Insanity 


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                    The winners are ????

                    First Place: archdota101 (first entry)
                    Second Place: llinso (post 8)
                    Third Place: AzuL (post 7)

                    I want to say thank you everyone for participating and the hard work on these banners.

                    WINNERS please send me a private message or discord message (
                    iTwan#1312) with your ingame name & website email adress from this character. Thank you!