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  • Show Us Your Style

    Show Us Your Style
    Do you have what it takes to be a true fashionista?

    Insanians are world famous for their fashion sense and style, it's time to show everyone what makes you different and unique!
    Post screen shots of your best/favorite fashion. Be unique, be adorable, be funny and be proud, but make sure you are PG-13.

    Dress your main in your best costume!

    Take a bunch of screen shots and post them here by replying to this thread.
    In your post include your IGN and your Discord ID.
    Be sure to include the Names of fashion pieces.
    You may enter as many as 3 different styles.
    Contest will run from June 16th - June 26th.
    You can only win once!
    Be Creative!
    Be Funny!
    Be You!

    We will award 3 prizes for best entry.
    1st Prize = 7500 IP
    2nd Prize = 5000 IP
    3rd Prize = 3500 IP

    ~Extra Credit~
    Those that take the time to make their entry...
    Coordinated Fashion (ie: matching pets & or weapons)
    Will get higher scores during judging.

    See my sample post below

    How to add Images?
    You must upload your images to an online image hosting site first!

    1. Upload your image to a website like imgur
    2. Copy the direct link
    3. Once you have the direct link copied you need to type in [IMG] then past your link here [/IMG] <-- end with this. Then your image will show in the forums. Posts with no images showing will not qualify for the event.
    Sample... [img] [/img] <-- but no spaces.

    If you need help, don't hesitate to DM me or iTwan on discord.

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    I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.~ Maya Angelou

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    IGN: GoodKitty
    Discord ID: BadKitty#3354

    Here Kitty is looking spectacular walking the runway wearing her Celestial Angelic Suit paired with a beautiful Rei Hat and Christmas- White Blue Shoes.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Runway.png Views:	1 Size:	150.4 KB ID:	5536

    Side view so we all can see how stunning she looks in this costume
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Side profile.png Views:	1 Size:	295.1 KB ID:	5537
    Kitty has chosen the Seraph Class, her stick and book are both from the Nitro Guardian Collection.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	WEapons2.png Views:	1 Size:	266.6 KB ID:	5540
    Kitty enjoys watching the sunset at Hemeos.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Watching sunset.png Views:	1 Size:	499.8 KB ID:	5538
    Taking long walks through Forgotten Island to admire the trees,
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Sunny day.png Views:	1 Size:	732.1 KB ID:	5539
    Kitty was born in Madrigal around 2014, moved away for college but has now returned home where she practices AOE'ing for a living.
    She is coupled with Thermo and an active member of the Tourbillon Guild.
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    I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.~ Maya Angelou


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      So here is My Arcanist she's wearing a beautiful hair called CeVIO One ,And the awesome True Damage Suit,
      Click image for larger version  Name:	Tess2.png Views:	1 Size:	119.5 KB ID:	5545
      And the Super cool Purple Punk hands,And pretty Pink Rabbit Shoes,And the Mask is Idelruna ears that i farmed in the Maze event ,
      Click image for larger version  Name:	Tess5.png Views:	1 Size:	125.4 KB ID:	5548
      Behind me is my little patron,Guardian angel , my angel Patric, whom I named after my little brother who changed address from earth to heaven 2014.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	Tess.png Views:	2 Size:	167.4 KB ID:	5549
      The weapon transmutes im using is Dark Rabbit Book From easter event,
      Click image for larger version  Name:	Tess4.png Views:	1 Size:	126.5 KB ID:	5546
      And the Gucci Staff transmute is from weapon npc Lusaka Crystal Staff.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	Tess3.png Views:	2 Size:	132.1 KB ID:	5550

      and then we have my wonderful pets cactus
      which is purchased in the Event Chips shop

      IGN is TESS
      Discordname is Tess#6923
      Attached Files
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        IGN: Bougie
        Discord name: Buji#1496

        A magician named Bougie is looking for the girl of her dreams with his cute magic frog...
        Looking good is his power to get what he wanted.....

        *wearing his Purple magic set, grimmjow hair,
        mini glasses matching with green easter scarf* ;)

        Till' dawn they search for this girl..

        He got tired and still the frog stayed with Bougie
        and.... and.... maybe all this time his frog is what he have been
        searching for like the ones you read from fairytales..

        Bougie: "I like the view!" Frog: "You do?" Bougie: "Yes!"

        Frog: "You're my best view!" Bougie: "Ngiii" XD

        You see it’s not about how you look but it will always be how you treat people nicely, it will always be the heart that will catch the person.


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          SO this is my Seraph iTeSs
          Her fashion is a little inspired by Demi Lovato

          Her Weapon transmutes are Dropped buy the Crypt Dungeon and its named Vulcano Stick
          And Shield is Vulcano FM Shield.

          Her fashion is a mixture of Leefa hair, Maddie girl suit, Cheetah girl Gloves, Tetro Norway Shoes,

          She is a Battle seraph PvE who runs and makes dungeons herself and boss hunts.

          And i have 2 little cute daughters from christmas event

          because I love Latino music and looks

          In the evenings, she changes her hair color and goes out to bars and sings Échame La Culpa

          Small talk to yourself, so you get the best answers :P

          IGN : iTeSs

          Discord : Tess#6923

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            IGN : tess

            Discord Tess#6923

            SO this is my 3:e charakter and the last one My Lovley Templar
            Say Hello To tess

            tess likes to stand in Elliun !When she dont tank in crypt and colo.
            she has a Coupel with a person who does Siege 3 times a day.
            That makes her to stay in server 2 most of the time ,
            So he gets full relationship strength from her.

            Caring about their friends in the game and trying to make sure everyone is happy and feeling good, feels great.

            tess is wearing a mix of different fashions consisting of: Lady Gaga Hat, True Damage suit,
            Lambada girl hands, Blue Bunny Shoes, And a super cute cloak Snow Mega Man, which comes from the Christmas event.

            Sometimes you may have to go away a bit and pray,
            for anyone struggling different types of illnesses and depression,

            Because even if you say - It's just a game ..
            So you must not forget that ALL in the game are real people,

            who have real feelings,
            and not everyone is as strong as others
            so think carefully about what you say to each other.

            Treat the person standing next to you
            the same way you want them to treat you!

            I have a weapon transmute called God King Ax and comes from some boxes called LOL boxes.

            With these words, I say Goodnight from Me in the arena,
            Now I will let other players test their damage on me,
            like a dummie
            that is how life is when you are a Tanker

            DoeNormaal wanna show you some magic as well guys and gurls ;)

            look to the left!

            Look to the right!

            Do a happy jump !

            And TADAAAAA back on feets again!!

            AbraKaDabra SimSalaBim
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              GN : C0sma , llllllll
              My aim, then, was to whip the rebels,
              To humble their pride,
              To follow them to their inmost recesses,

              And make them fear "Death"

              Fear is the beginning of wisdom.


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                IGN: Samuel
                Discord: Sanimal#3661

                Fashion: Easter Umbrella Cloak, Giraffe Mask, Sweet-n-Tasty Hat (M), Luxurious Ski Suit (M), Luxurious Ski Gloves (M), Detective Shoes (M)

                Weapon: Iblis Staff

                Shield: Snow Man Shield

                Mount: Easter Flying Umbrella


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                  Discord: Belgrano#1184
                  Ingame: Azonlath

                  Being poor constrains your ability to express yourself with CS Fashion sets, we all know the old flyff fashion, and the shinny new ones were out of reach... What to do? well.... make your own... that was the answer to my despair haha.
                  Also freaking Herneos weapons, nothing matches them... so... had to make something to go along with them!

                  This is what im rocking:
                  -Male Set-
                  Tyrent Helmet
                  Ranerz Suit
                  Dayst Gauntlets
                  Tenshi Imperial Slayer Boots

                  -Female Set-
                  Herainn Helmet (Sold my helmet with the transmute and i cant remember the re-naming of that helmet, if its the swiftness or lusaka set hehe)
                  Twilight Suit
                  Akan Gauntlets
                  Revenio Boots


                  PS: should get a doridoma pet to match my underwater theme


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                    IGN : Warner
                    Discord : Jahn#5482

                    Hii this is warner, this style is what I called "Snow Frost Guardian"
                    This Style is mixture of (Yukata hair 2019, Summer Swimwear 2019 Suit and Boots and Ice Crown Cloak And King Sword)
                    The Scarf is connected to the suit and it protects the guardian through the cold weather.
                    The ice cloak has a unique style that protects the guardian for cold it has 100% resistance.

                    As being a Guardian my task it to fight Bad Monsters such as Ghost and Yeti. The King Sword has been passed for generations of guardians that task to protect the whole kingdom from danger. The sword has a magical power that can kill all types of monsters and only the chosen one can use it.


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                      IGN: Chipsii
                      Discord Name:Chipsii#6699

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                        IGN: Namh
                        Discord ID: Namh#8463

                        Her name is Namh. She decided to wear her favorite clothes which are Black Hanekawa Hair, Hottey Hot Girl Glasses, Snow Coat Cloak, Miku Izayoi uniform Suit & Boots on her graduation. She is so happy because she learned new skills for her to protect everyone however,
                        She can't control her power. She didn't notice that she became an Evil. She killed many people using her Dark Exorcist Set, Dark Exorcist Wing mask, Emperor Cloak and her Rudra Yoyo.

                        She changed her appearance by wearing her CeVIO One Hair, True Damage Suit, Teto Norway Shoes, Beach Swimsuit 2020 Glasses and her Black Chroma College Bag, but she realized that it is too late, all her friends, her Co Guild Members and her pets left her already. The end!


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                          IGN: Kadma
                          Discord: Halinor1991#4061

                          Kadma was born from a bloodline of magic and witchcraft. Both her parents and sisters come from a long line of witches and wizards who were known for using their magic for good.

                          She began attending magical arts school in 2016. In her final year of studies, she decided to put her knowledge of the mystical arts to good use. With the help of her black cat, Jeeves, and a magical talking pumpkin called Marmalade, she set off to a nearby community in need of help.

                          Kadma always had a passion for plants, vegetation, and anything that grew from the earth. She used her knowledge of Herbology and Botany, her favorite subjects in magical school, to help the Pumpkin community which has long been plagued by a bug that killed their crops before harvest. Kadma formulated an antidote which she infused in candles to ward off the vicious bugs. With the added help of her trusted Alpaca, she was able to deliver more than enough supply of her antidote candles to every household of the Pumpkin community.

                          It wasn't long before the bugs that once tormented the Pumpkin community were gone for good. Bountiful harvest was once again restored in the Pumpkin community.

                          Kadma worked tirelessly, day and night, to make sure that her antidote was potent. Not being exempted from human fatigue and exhaustion, Kadma used her moonlight charm to give her strength to last the many tireless nights she had working on her antidote and testing them on the pumpkin community's crops. And she accomplished all these in time for her graduation from magical school.

                          Here, Kadma is seen donning the following: Hogwart's Set, Halloween Wand, Halloween Shield, Halloween Insane Pumpkin Cloak, Twilight Moon Mask, and a Halloween Alpaca

                          Kadma carried on her family's legacy of using magic for good. And we believe she has an even brighter and starry future ahead of her.

                          ~"You are made of stardust and wishes and magical things."~



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                            IGN: QueenElsa
                            Discord ID: Zen-Oh sama#7628(AuraUltimateAI in Insanity flyff Discord)

                            The theme is kinda inspired by Frozen and my outfit is heavily inspired by Elsa's white dress in Frozen II.
                            Boots: Wedding Shoes(F)
                            Gloves: Traditional Thailand Gloves (F)
                            Suit: Traditional Thailand Suit (F)
                            Hair: Tsumugi Kotobuki Hat (F)
                            Cloak: Snowcoat Cloak
                            Weapon: Icey Xmas Staff

                            Hello, I'm Elsa the Snow Queen, I'm the queen of a kingdom of ice-solation.

                            Do you wanna build a snowman?

                            Hey! Leave Olaf alone!

                            Time to relax on top of a mountain of snow.
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                              IGN: xMikasa | xSol
                              Discord ID: Diz#6507 | sol.a7x#5636

                              Hello Readers, We Are cute lovely Twins.. xMikasa and xSol, Heading on an adventure...
                              Fashion pieces...


                              Helmet: Black Hanekawa Hat [Female]
                              Suit : Xmas Suit White - blue suit [Female]
                              Gloves : Snowman [Female]
                              Boots : Snowman [Female]

                              xSol and xMikasa, walking into their favorite city.. Saint Morning and hopefully have fun and enjoy the wonderful views of downtown.

                              We met a streeet performer named Cotton Pigtail's with her pet named Angel... Amazing tricks and I would recommend to take a look at what Angel can do... So cute.

                              After a long stroll in downtown, we sat down..relaxed and decided to take it another step..and possible be very high risk of one us getting really hurt..

                              Turned out they did not have to climb but just ask the town flying manager for a higher view. They took us on a flying balloon.. xMikasa blows a kiss to xSol for an amazing view and also giving thanks for enjoying a day well spent together....
                              " Twins never forget each others birthdays, and this was a good birthday gift for both of them."


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