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  • Forum Event: Video contest!

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    Buckle up Insanians and be ready to bring out your inner Tarantinos, Hollywood actors and actresses because...

    We are holding a Video contest!

    A WHAT?

    A video editing contest for everyone who feels like they want to try or have the skills to bring out our very own Insanity flyff out there. A compilation of highlights, a trailer, an ad... You have it? We want it! Put our best servers aspects in your clip, show everyone what we have, what YOU enjoy, who we are and what are we made of.

    Here are some rules for you:

    The required length of your ad/video should preferably be anything from 30+ seconds to 3 minutes.
    Finished work has to be uploaded on YouTube for an easy access and video title MUST somewhere contain our servers name, Insanity flyff. Otherwise you are free to name your work anyhow you want.
    We want you to create your own work. You can not put your mom to do this for you. AKA do not copy and steal someone elses work.
    Use your imagination, be creative but most importantly have fun! The sky is the limit.

    By participating in this contest, you allow us to use and post your videos on our social media accounts. You will naturally be credited for your work.


    Starting from March 4th until April 1st.

    During this time you can contribute your work of art in this forum post. You are allowed to post multiple creations, for example an AD (shorter duration video) and a full length video (longer duration video). Post as many as you like, we're gonna love them all. However, you can not win with all of your videos. We are most likely gonna pick the one you performed the best on. Everyone has a fair chance winning whether they posted one or multiple works.


    Well, of course we are gonna award our winners and best of the best with a nice and juicy prize!

    (1 to 3 minutes long)

    1st 35k iPoints
    2nd 20k iPoints
    3rd 12k iPoints

    (under 1 minute)

    1st 10k iPoints
    2nd 5k iPoints
    3rd 3k iPoints

    We are also prepared to award other participants who provided good content, (i.e. creative, innovative and funny videos) that catch our attention. Of course, it depends on if our Judges find it worthy and fits our criteria.

    We wish everyone good luck and a fun time!

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    Tip: Press * on the numpad to hide all windows (and a few other bits and bobs).
    Tip #2: Press Scroll Lock to hide your character and zoom.


    • Giftbox | IHG
      Giftbox | IHG commented
      Editing a comment
      Hey so when I scroll lock and fly, there is an empty health bar in the middle of my screen... is there a way to disable that for moving landscape shots?

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    Insanity flyff - Banner

    Insanity flyff - Dance Off

    Insanity flyff - I don't know

    Insanity flyff - Invasion

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      >> If you require assistance from a GM or Admin (e.g. teleporting to certain locations for nice shots for the video)
      contact any of us on DISCORD directly! <<


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              Be nice to me thats my first Video^^


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                Keep up the good work people!


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                  My First Video in Game xD
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                    here my first video :D i hope u like it
                    sorry for the quality, I do not have good resources
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                      Had so much fun making this entry.
                      We, rahn and zmeura hoped you had a great time watching this video.
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                        Hey guys! I did my best with the little time I had... I came in late to this contest and happened to also be super busy, but I think I did alright! These two videos are currently uploaded as 720p, but I could see what a 1080p render looks like if you guys end up wanting to share this vid. YouTube's default settings might actually make a 720p video look better. It's weird.

                        ...if you liked this video but think something should be added, please let me know and I might be able to remake it. I think I did alright, but maybe I have forgotten something huge, idk... I literally worked on this for like 24hrs straight and my brain is a little WTF and can't think straight lol...

                        Here's Mah videos!

                        Insanity flyff Trailer 2019 (5 minute edit)

                        [EDIT #2] Insanity flyff Trailer #2 (3 minute version)

                        P.S. If I have more time, I would've loved to get into the faction system + sieges. Perhaps I can rework one of these in the future! I'm surprised by how little information can get packed into 3 minutes lol ALSO: Is there a perma link for the Official Discord server? I can't find it and will put it in the description and stuff when I can. Thanks!

                        Things I wish I could've showcased but either didn't have enough time or know-how: Kingdom wars, Guild Siege, Rainbow Race, aaaaaand yeah there is probably other things. I'll put these things in the description

                        Hope ya'll like it!
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                          Luv me some videos! Thank you everyone for sharing your work! If you feel like still participating, this event will close today at 0:00! (GMT+0)


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                            Finally, here is it! Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

                            Insanity flyff Trailer

                            Duration: 58 secs

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